First Private 3D-Printed Residential Villa Construction in Dubai

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First Private 3D-Printed Residential Villa Construction in Dubai
First Private 3D-Printed Residential Villa Construction in Dubai/ source: Gulf News

Dubai Commences Construction of First Private 3D Printed Residential Villa. This 3D-Printed Residential Villa is being built in Dubai with the help of 3D printing technology, marking a major step forward in the emirate’s ambitious additive construction (AC) aspirations. The Dubai Municipality has approved the first private mansion to be built exclusively using AC, and construction has begun. This endeavor is by Dubai’s long-term plan, as detailed in the Dubai 3D-Printed Residential Villa 2030, to have at least 25% of the emirate’s buildings be 3D printed by that year.

The villa in the Al Awir 1 neighborhood will be printed in one go to a height of 4m (13.2 ft). The home, built entirely of concrete supplied locally, has recently undergone the first stages of its construction, with completion anticipated in October 2023.

The United Arab Emirates’ first building permit for a home that will be built using 3D-Printed Residential Villa has been granted by the Dubai Municipality. Eng. Mariam Al Muhairi, Acting CEO of the Buildings Regulation and Permits Agency at Dubai Municipality, stated that “this project aims to encourage contractors, engineers, investors, and real estate developers to adopt and use technology in their building operations.”

3D-printed villas coming to Dubai/ Source: Business Insider

This project is intended to stimulate the use of technology in the building operations of contractors, engineers, investors, and real estate developers. According to the Dubai 3D Printing Strategy and the Decree No. (24) of 2021 Regulating the Use of Three-dimensional Printing in Construction Works in the Emirate of Dubai, the percentage of buildings implemented and printed using the 3D technology must increase to at least 25 percent by the year 2030. The municipality of Dubai provides support and facilities to monitor and control the utilization of this cutting-edge technology in the building like 3D-Printed Residential Villa and construction industries.

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3D-Printed Residential Villa Construction begins in Dubai

The construction industry in Dubai, which is heavily reliant on a migrant workforce that is often poorly treated and has protested in the past, stands to benefit greatly from the implementation of 3D printing technology. Since 3D printing eliminates the need for as much manual labor to be done on-site, it helps prevent labor disputes from escalating.

In addition to the monetary and environmental benefits that are typically emphasized by users and producers of air conditioners, this advantage should also be considered. It makes the supply chain more efficient, reduces costs associated with construction, and quickens the pace of the building process. By reducing the quantity of waste that is produced during the construction process, using sustainable and recycled materials contributes to the conservation of the natural environment. Construction projects that utilize 3D printing technology like 3D-Printed Residential Villa can be finished more quickly and correctly than those that utilize conventional methods, reducing the number of people required on-site.

The usage of additive manufacturing, including AC and other versions of the technology, was pioneered in Dubai. In 2016, this city gave the world its first workplace that was built using a 3D printer that actually worked. After achieving this goal, the Dubai Municipality constructed a 3D-Printed Residential Villa in Al Warsan that they named the Innovation Centre. The building has two levels. Using WASP’s AC technology, construction was also completed on a research facility for drones and a Dior boutique.

To keep their economy afloat as easily accessible supplies of fossil fuels reach their limit, traditionally oil-rich communities will need to transition into other types of industries. Because of this, the technical road map of the city is quite vital. This is Dubai’s attempt to create a technological utopia, and it shows their commitment to that goal.

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