Formnext 2023: Evolve Additive Solutions announces new Services and Materials Portfolio expansion

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  • New portfolio offerings enable greater commercial access to Evolve’s STEP technology, expanding application development for STEP production around the world
ABS irrigation check valves
ABS irrigation check valves/Source: Evolve Additive Solutions

Evolve Additive Solutions, a provider of industrial 3D printing solutions, announced the commercial launch of its all-new parts production service, STEP Parts Now, as well as an expansion of its materials portfolio at Formnext 2023. Customers can now directly quote and order STEP parts from Evolve via the STEP Parts Now e-commerce portal.

STEP technology is the only 3D printing process that delivers parts with fidelity and properties near injection-moulded quality and provides you with a seamless transition from prototype through production.

STEP Parts Now

Nylon Drone application
Nylon Drone application/Source: Evolve Additive Solutions

Meeting production demand, as well as Evolve’s desire to expand access to its Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process (STEP™) technology, prompted the development of the new parts production service. STEP is the only additive manufacturing process available today that can deliver the fidelity, surface finish, accuracy, and material properties required to print end-use parts at scale reliably and repeatedly.

STEP Parts Now supplements the availability of part ordering through Evolve’s strategic partners and their STEP production centres: Fathom Digital Manufacturing in the United States and alphacam Gmbh in Germany. Customers now have more options for obtaining additive manufactured parts from prototype to production.

“What we are launching with STEP Parts Now is much more than parts as a service. We are increasing accessibility to a newly identified additive manufacturing technology category that finally delivers on past industry promises of materials, features, and scalability by additive manufacturing for true production.”

– Jeff Hanson, Senior Vice President of Go-to-Market, Evolve Additive Solutions

Formnext 2023: Expanded Materials Portfolio

Formnext 2023: Evolve Additive Solutions announces new Services and Materials Portfolio expansion
Gray coaster showcases superior surface details with multiple textures/Source: Evolve Additive Solutions

Evolve has announced the commercial availability of two new materials in its portfolio, in addition to the launch of STEP Parts Now: Nylon PA-11(A) and Grey ABS.

Evolve’s PA-11(A) for STEP outperforms powder bed fusion PA-11 in mechanical performance. Evolve’s PA-11(A) parts are suitable for more demanding production applications due to characteristics such as superior elongation at break, higher impact strength, and higher heat deflection temperature (HDT).

The new Grey ABS material complements Evolve’s existing Black ABS material and has mechanical properties that are within 10% of bulk injection moulded ABS. It also has an impressive structural colour contrast for fine features and textures.

This week at Formnext, Evolve will be showcasing its STEP Parts Now and new material offerings in hall 12.1 at booth B-89.

About Evolve Additive Solutions: Evolve Additive Solutions is revolutionising the way the world manufactures. The company, which was founded in 2017, provides additive manufacturing production equipment, materials, software, part production, and application and consulting services. Evolve enables manufacturing flexibility, allowing for the creation of uniquely functional products while increasing market speed and efficiency and securing supply chains. Evolve’s patented STEP technology is capable of producing commercial grade production parts as well as unique products that cannot be produced using traditional methods.

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