STPL3D launches a Series of Industrial-Grade SLA 3D Printers in India

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SLA 3D Printers
Above: STPL3D team at the Inauguration ceremony/Image Source: STPL3D

STPL3D, Surat-based 3D printing company offering rapid prototyping & additive manufacturing services, has announced the launch of its new Indomake INSL series of SLA 3D printers in India. 

The industrial-grade SLA 3D printer series was unveiled by the company’s Managing Director Mr. Dhiraj Kumar Vasoya at STPL’s head office in Surat, Gujarat.

Indomake SLA 3D Printers in India

SLA 3D Printers in India
Above: An engine sample 3D printed in the Indomake INSL 1100 3D printer/Image Source: STPL3D

STPL3D launched its industrial-grade Indomake SLA 3D printer series in India last week, boasting a slew of high-quality features that elevate it to the ranks of India’s most advanced SLA 3D printers. The series includes four different 3D printers, each with a premium design, high-quality output, and build volume to cater all types of users. The smallest is 300 x 300 x 300 mm in size, while the largest is 1100 x 600 x 550 mm. 

The sizes are carefully designed to cater to a wide array of customers, from Automobile, Aerospace, Healthcare & Medical, Robotics, R&D labs, etc. to deliver industrial-grade parts. 

These SLA 3D printers include features such as exceptional printing speeds of up to 350 g/h, high-quality surface finish with an accuracy of 0.5mm and surface roughness as deep as 0.5um, and support for over five different custom-designed printing materials with unique properties for functional prototypes and small-scale manufacturing. More details can be found on the official STPL3D website.

SLA 3D Printers in India
Above: STPL3D Managing Director Mr. Dhiraj Kumar Vasoya inaugurates the new series of industrial-grade SLA printers/Image Source: STPL3D

Speaking about the launch of their SLA 3D printers in India, Mr. Rahul Gaywala, Chief Executive Officer of STPL, expressed, “Today’s ever-changing landscape, designers and design engineers are constantly finding new techniques to improve product development, making processes more efficient, and getting products to market faster than ever before. Additive manufacturing will help manufacturing industries to match their pace with our young, talented, and eager to do-it-faster generation’s engineers. And with these latest printers, STPL created a very conducive environment for the use of latest technology and modern approaches.”

Mr. Kuntesh Radadiya, Manager, STPL3D added, “Additive manufacturing is expecting a huge adaptation in the Indian manufacturing industries. In coming years it will be widely accepted as the foremost manufacturing technique in the small-scale production of different fields of the casting industries, shoes industries, art & craft industry, plastic industry, and automobile industry of electric vehicles. 3D printing will reduce the production & testing time of critical components and speed up the industrial revolution.”

These new-generation industrial-grade SLA 3D printers are a big step in the Indian manufacturing industry. Being a pioneer in laser technology for the last 29 years, STPL has added another feather to its cap. STPL3D is dedicated to supply and manufacture best-in-class industrial-grade 3D printers and customized printing materials as per the demand of the Indian manufacturing industry. With its expertise in laser technology and 3D printing services, STPL3D  is ready to soar the skies of the Indian 3D printing industry. 

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