UltiMaker introduces new PET CF Expansion Kit for S Series 3D Printers

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  • Easy-to-use and versatile, UltiMaker PET Carbon Fiber is ideal for a wide range of applications, from functional prototypes to manufacturing aids and replacement parts.
UltiMaker PET CF material in multiple colours
UltiMaker PET CF material in multiple colours/Source: UltiMaker

UltiMaker, a global leader in 3D printing, has added PET Carbon Fibre (CF), an easy-to-use and versatile composite material, to its portfolio of high-performance materials for its S series 3D printers. UltiMaker PET CF expansion kit allows users the capability to print with a material that has superior strength, heat resistance, and chemical resistance for high-performance thermoplastic applications in a variety of industries.

The PET CF Expansion Kit includes everything needed to begin printing high-performance parts on an UltiMaker S series printer, giving users the full power of carbon fibre composite parts combined with the UltiMaker platform’s seamless workflow and ease of use.

UltiMaker PET CF Expansion Kit

UltiMaker PET CF Expansion Kit
UltiMaker PET CF Expansion Kit/Source: UltiMaker

UltiMaker PET CF’s exceptional mechanical properties enable engineers to create stronger and more accurate parts for a wide range of applications, including manufacturing tools, jigs and fixtures, and end-use parts. Engineers can also use PET CF for engineering prototypes, allowing for easy and extensive testing of technical concepts and functions.

Furthermore, PET CF provides a dependable solution for replacing broken or difficult-to-find production parts. Manufacturers can quickly print replacement components using its strong mechanical and thermal properties, eliminating the need for costly production line shutdowns. Because of its high strength and stiffness, the material is ideal for high-performance applications, delivering improved part performance even under extreme conditions.

One of the most notable characteristics of PET CF is its ability to be annealed to achieve even higher strength, stiffness, and temperature resistance. Engineers can achieve a temperature resistance of up to 181°C and increase strength by up to 30% and stiffness by up to 10% by annealing printed parts, resulting in parts that excel in challenging environments.

“We are thrilled to introduce the UltiMaker PET CF, UltiMaker’s first composite material that has been optimized for UltiMaker S series printers. PET CF’s ability to achieve higher strength and temperature resistance through annealing sets it apart from other materials, while its versatility allows engineers to use it for a number of applications. The material represents a significant advancement in our portfolio and reinforces our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions.”

– Nadav Goshen, CEO at UltiMaker

UltiMaker Carbon Fiber Materials

PET CF is easy to print with than other carbon fibre materials
PET CF is easy to print with than other carbon fibre materials/Source: UltiMaker

PET CF requires little drying because it is less sensitive to moisture than other carbon fibre materials. It remains well-conditioned when stored in the UltiMaker Material Station, allowing for a consistent printing experience and high-quality prints. PET CF is compatible with dedicated support materials such as UltiMaker PVA and Breakaway, allowing users complete design freedom and the creation of complex composite parts with no constraints.

UltiMaker also has PET CF available in a variety of colours, including black, grey, and blue. This one-of-a-kind feature allows users to colour code their carbon fibre prints to suit specific use cases or aesthetic preferences. The material is fully integrated into the UltiMaker platform via NFC-enabled spools, providing a unified experience that includes NFC material recognition, a dedicated Print Core CC, support material compatibility, and intent profiles.

PET CF will also be available as part of the UltiMaker PET CF Expansion Kit for users looking for a complete composite printing solution. The Expansion Kit includes two spools of black PET CF and one each of blue and grey. It also comes with one 0.4mm and one 0.6mm Print Core CC.

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