• The cover story of Manufactur3D’s latest magazine on 3D printing - Unlock Additive, Unleash Additive, assesses the tremendous growth opportunity of India’s Additive Manufacturing Sector.

Manufactur3D, India’s premier media organisation on 3D printing, released its latest magazine – AM SYSTEMS, yesterday which covers the five core components of 3D printing technology namely 3D Printers, Materials, Software, Post-Processing & 3D Scanners. It looks at these five components through the various brands operating in India.

Some of the top brands and their offerings in India serve as a testament to the ever growing Indian AM industry. Though not an exhaustive coverage of brands, it showcases the various product offerings in India.

Unlock Additive, Unleash Additive

AM SYSTEMS magazine cover page
Above: AM SYSTEMS magazine cover page/Source: Manufactur3D

The highlight of the magazine is the cover story – Unlock Additive, Unleash Additive. It talks about the various new developments in the Indian AM space that makes the Indian market an attractive prospect for Indian as well as foreign brands. It conveys that the Indian Additive Industry is not unlocked and will unleash itself in this decade.

The recent opening up of the world and India enables businesses to operate at full capacities thus getting back to normal, the vast and successful vaccination drive with more than 80% adults fully vaccinated and also getting their booster doses makes India a safe and stable haven for businesses to operate and be a predictable market.

The growth of indigenous OEMs and entry and presence of some of the leading International brands in India taking the international presence from 30 a couple of years back to more than 70 brands also indicates an appealing market that has scope for a wide number of players to operate, and thrive.

And lastly some of the new initiatives undertaken by the Government of India with regards to EVs, Free trade agreements with some of the leading nations and a national strategy for additive manufacturing among many others makes India poised for a growth cycle in this decade.

Five Components of AM Systems

Five components of 3D Printing/
Above: Five components of 3D Printing/Source: Manufactur3D

As the cover story of the magazine Unlock Additive,Unleash Additive, talks about the growth of Indian and international brands in India. In its dedicated sections, the magazine also focuses on some of these brands, indicative of the variety of options available for the Indian end-users. The end-users has choices in all types of 3D printers like FDM, Resin, Powder-based polymer and metal 3D printers,  Large-format, Hybrid systems and even Construction 3D printers to choose from for their respective applications.

Similar is the case for materials, software, post-processing and 3D scanners.

AM Systems Infographic Map

India’s AM Systems Infographic Map
Above: India’s AM Systems Infographic Map/Source: Manufactur3D

This is an exclusive infographic developed by the Manufactur3D Team. With their connections in the Indian industry, the team has designed a map of the AM Systems OEMs and core resellers. It showcases the entire ecosystem of the five components of 3D printing on a geographical map of India. This serves as the perfect representation of the spread of India’s AM Systems providers.

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