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Endurance Laser Introduces a DPSS (Diode-Pumped Solid-State) Laser Module Upgrade for Metal Applications

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Endurancea manufacturer of powerful laser attachments for any 3D printer & CNC machines since 2015, announced the launch of a laser module upgrade for metal laser marking and metal cutting.  DPSS (diode-pumped solid-state) laser.

Before now most makers used plasma cutters to cut metal and laser tools were not affordable due to high-price. Laser fiber and Co2 powerful machines are big, bulky and cost a lot.

Most companies offer quite powerful Co2 (250 watt+) for metal cutting and fiber lasers with an average power of 30-50 watt for that, while pulse power is more than 10kW but their price starts from 10K USD.

DPSS laser technology is not quite popular yet and most machines use fiber laser modules or Co2 tuber for metal cutting.

DPSS technology has some limitations comparing to Co2 and fiber lasers however with DPSS technology you may get a pulsed power up to 50-60 kW and pulse width of 7-10 ns which is very small, in average you get 10 watt optical power on 1064 nm wavelength.

Another positive thing about DPSS laser that a laser beam quality is quite good and has TEM00 parameter what allows to focus the laser quite good and have a laser beam spot as small as 40-60uM (microns). That is a very high precision for most laser engraving purposes especially if you need to make a very tiny bar code for example.

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Key benefits of an Endurance DPSS laser module

  • Ability to install on any 3D printer / CNC machine or XY Plotter
  • High peak power enables accurate and deep engraving
  • High laser engraving precision 57 um (microns)
  • High reliability of the laser module 10 000 hours
  • Universal and compatible mounting bracket

Key tech features

– Very precise metal engraving with 0.057 mm laser beam spot.
– Ultimate power in an impulse mode – 57 kWatts.
– Contains an Endurance MO2 PCB as a driver and controller.


Compatible with all 3D printers and CNC machines which have enough space to hook the laser beam emitter.


Controled via TTL wires / analog signal MO2 PCB

Laser mount

Compatible Endurance mounting brackets

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