HBD receives a 30 Metal 3D Printer order from Wenext

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metal 3D printer order
Above: HBD 350T metal 3D printers/Image Source: Guangdong Hanbang 3D Tech Co.

Shenzhen Wenext Technology Co., Ltd. (Wenext), one of the largest 3D printing service platform in China, and Guangdong Hanbang 3D Tech Co., Ltd. (HBD), Chinese manufacturer of metal 3D printers, held a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony where HBD received a huge 30 metal 3D printer order from Wenext on the spot. All the 30 sets include the HBD-350T metal 3D printing medium-sized equipment.

This is a step towards deepening the existing cooperation in metal 3D printing digital manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, etc., and establish a long-term and stable comprehensive strategic partnership.

The meeting and signing ceremony were attended by Mr. Lu Xueyuan, the Founder and Chairman of Wenext, Mr. Zhang Shuhao, the Deputy General Manager and General Manager of Wenext’s additive manufacturing division, Mr. Liu Jianye, the Founder and General Manager of HBD, and Ms. Mao Yi, the General Manager of Shanghai Hanbang United 3D Tech Co., Ltd. On behalf of both parties, Mr. Zhang Shuhao and Ms. Mao Yi signed the strategic cooperation agreement.

Metal 3D Printer order
Above: (Left to Right) Mr. Lu Xueyuan, the Founder and Chairman of Wenext and Ms. Mao Yi, the General Manager of Shanghai Hanbang United 3D Tech Co., Ltd. signing the strategic cooperation agreement/Image Source: Guangdong Hanbang 3D Tech Co.

Both parties are committed to advancing manufacturing digitization and large-scale production of small batches as part of this strategic collaboration. They will quickly lead the upgrade of the manufacturing industry by combining the advantages of both parties. This is a collaboration characterized by strong alliances, extensive coordination, a high degree of win-win, and more sustainable development. The senior leaders of both parties are optimistic about the future cooperation and believe that it will bring more opportunities and a win-win situation for both parties.

When talking about why Wenext chose to cooperate with HBD for this strategic cooperation, Mr. Zhang Shuhao, the Deputy General Manager and General Manager of additive manufacturing division of Wenext, said that, “Wenext is a large-scale digital manufacturing innovation factory, with about a thousand non-metallic 3D printing equipment, CNC machining centers, sheet metal processing equipment, mold processing equipment, and inspection equipment, and it is a highly information-based digital manufacturing technology company with information-based software platform development and operation, online and offline marketing, innovative design, and processing services. In order to meet the customer’s demand for metal 3D printing services, it is necessary to find a company that has the strength and can develop together with Wenext.”

According to a large number of preliminary investigations in Wenext, HBD is a metal 3D printing company that focuses on equipment and technology and offers a comprehensive set of technical solutions including equipment, software, materials, and printing processes. Their equipment has a large market sales volume, is mature and stable, especially at the industrial end, such as molds, stable stitiched printing with two lasers in mold application, and leads the industry in production efficiency. Their self-developed equipment software, data processing software, and intelligent management software functions are deeply integrated and can be seamlessly linked with Wenext’s self-developed information software platform, enabling more efficient and intelligent manufacturing.

“Both HBD and Wenext are young teams with full passion for the industry and the future, and both companies are in a stage of rapid development. We saw that Wenext had just completed a high-quality financing of USD 55 million, which is a sign the capital market’s recognition of Wenext and this industry. When referring to equipment, HBD aims at helping Wenext to quickly realize the continuous upgrade of process technology and equipment, and builds industry special machines and intelligent factory at the large-scale application. To software, both parties will collaborate deeply. HBD has developed equipment operation software, data processing software and intelligent management software, which can seamlessly connect with Wenext’s self-developed information software platform. This seamless connection will achieve lean management and integrate 3D printing with internet, to realize the vertical integration of network, control system, management software and data platform. By optimizing the management and innovation of manufacturing models, we will improve manufacturing efficiency, expand product service capabilities, and enhance customer value, and create a new ecosystem of 3D printing manufacturing models, service models, and applications.”

– Ms. Mao Yi, the General Manager of Shanghai Hanbang United 3D Tech Co., Ltd.

About Wenext: Wenext was launched in 2015 and is the earliest and currently largest 3D printing service platform in China. After 6 years of development, the company has grown into a multi-process one-stop supply chain service platform such as 3D printing, CNC, mould injection, sheet metal, etc.

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