HP Promotes Full Colour Functional Parts with launch of Jet Fusion 300/500 Series of 3D Printers

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HP Introduces new 3D printers for engineering-grade, functional, and fully coloured parts.
It grants small to medium businesses, entrepreneurs and universities access to HP’s Multi Jet Fusion Technology at a cheaper cost (starting from $50,000).
The Voxel-Level control and super-fast printing speeds make it stand-out in the competition.

Global tech giant HP Inc. expanded its portfolio with the launch of its new Full Colour Jet Fusion 300/500 series 3D printers. This technology enables printing of fully functional, engineering grade 3D printed parts in full colour, white and black. A technology mostly out of reach of the SME’s, is now made available by HP at a lower cost.

This low cost alternative to its existing product range of Jet Fusion 3200 / 4200 / 4210 3D printers, will possibly benefit the small & medium businesses, academic and research institutions.

Stephen Nigro, the President of 3D printing at HP says, “HP is committed to democratizing 3D design and manufacturing, unleashing new possibilities for millions of innovators around the world”.

HP Jet Fusion 580 Color 3D Printing Solution

HP Jet Fusion 580 Color 3D Printing Solution/Image Credit: HP Inc.

These new printers could provide a huge impetus to the healthcare, automotive, consumer goods and other industries.

Stephen Nigro emphasised that, “No matter your industry, no matter your design complexity, no matter what colors fit your business needs – black, white, or the full color spectrum – the new HP Jet Fusion 300 / 500 series gives you the freedom to create brilliant new parts liberated from the constraints of traditional production methods.”

Heart of Jemma, Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Above: Heart of Jemma, Phoenix Children’s Hospital/Image Credit/HP Inc.

HP is now focussed on co-development of colour printing applications with different stakeholders across the world. Dr. Justin Ryan, Cardiac 3D Print Lab, Phoenix Children’s Hospital said, “From visually-appealing casts and corrective devices, to custom surgical guides, to interactive and personalized anatomical models, we see tremendous value in the design possibilities and highly-accurate and durable parts from HP’s new 3D printers.”

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HP Jet Fusion 300 / 500 series printers

HP Jet Fusion 340 (Black and White) / 380 (Colour): for smaller build size or lesser number of parts per build.

HP Jet Fusion 540 (Black and White) / 580 (Colour): for comparatively bigger build size or more number of parts per build.

Above: Official Video of the HP Jet Fusion 300 / 500 Series 3D Printers released by HP Inc. on Youtube.

Terry Wohlers, President of Wohlers Associates Inc, remarked, “I’m excited about the range of applications for functional multi-colour 3D printing. It’s good to see that HP is targeting this interesting and largely untapped opportunity. The possibilities are infinite.”

Growing & Converging the Material Ecosystem for the entire Jet Fusion Series

HP will soon launch a new material for the HP 300 / 500 series 3D printers. The new HP 3D High Reusability CB PA 12 is predicted to have similar mechanical properties to that of the HP 3D High Reusability PA 12 material.

HP’s open materials platform will work towards introducing newer materials. HP is looking to increase the material range while lowering the costs. The ultimate aim is to use similar materials for both the Jet fusion series (300/500 & 3200/4200/4210).

The HP Jet Fusion 300 / 500 series of 3D printers are ready for order but will only be shipped in the latter half of 2018. More technical information on the 3D printers can be found on HP’s official website.

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