Inkbit and Makelab Collaborate to Advance Access to VCJ Technology

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Inkbit and Makelab Collaborate to Advance Access to VCJ Technology
Inkbit and Makelab Collaborate

Inkbit, a trailblazer in advanced additive manufacturing solutions, has unveiled an exciting collaboration with Makelab, a frontrunner in on-demand 3D printing services to broaden access to VCJ technology. This partnership promises to not only expedite the time to market for innovative products but also facilitate flexible hardware development. Furthermore, it aims to broaden accessibility to Inkbit’s Vision-Controlled Jetting (VCJ) technology, empowering a more extensive array of manufacturers and designers.

Davide Marini, Co-Founder and CEO of Inkbit, expressed enthusiasm about this partnership, stating that it was a natural progression in their commitment to offering customers a swifter path to the future of product development. He emphasized that collaborating with Makelab enables them to leverage Makelab’s proficiency in on-demand 3D printing, combining it with Inkbit VCJ technology. This union aims to create fresh avenues for functional prototyping and streamline the transition from design to production.

Expanding Access to VCJ Technology

Inkbit and Makelab Collaborate to Advance Access to VCJ Technology
Broaden Access to Addititive Manufacturing

The collaboration between Inkbit and Makelab marks a significant expansion in the accessibility of VCJ technology. This expansion caters to companies eager to experiment with this cutting-edge technology and materials in their prototyping processes. Industries such as consumer packaged goods, hardware, and industrial design firms seeking precise and advanced materials for functional and advanced prototyping will benefit significantly from this partnership.

VCJ technology introduces groundbreaking materials, including Vulcan Soft Elastomer and Titan Tough Epoxy (referred to as “Soft Elastic” and “Tough Epoxy” at Makelab). These materials substantially enhance the capacity to create intricate and finely detailed 3D printed parts. Emerging applications include precision components, liquid-holding seals, and specialized gaskets.

One of the early adopters of this collaboration is Hydrific, a company under Lixil, and a Makelab customer since 2022. They have experienced the transformative impact of VCJ technology on their project, which focuses on water conservation, usage, and sustainability in homes through hardware. The precision of Vulcan Elastic, also known as “Soft Elastic” at Makelab, enabled them to precisely prototype gasket parts for their product. This level of precision was unparalleled, setting their prototypes apart in terms of tolerance and fit, compared to other materials available in the market. Soft Elastic was the ideal choice for their prototyping applications due to their need for precision.

The Inkbit Vista System: A Gateway to Innovation

Christina Perla, Co-Founder and CEO of Makelab, noted that the Inkbit Vista system integrates cutting-edge precision and material versatility. This integration empowers them to educate and transition their existing customers onto a more advanced platform, ushering in a new era of prototyping possibilities. She emphasized that this partnership sets the stage for a new wave of agile hardware development and holds the promise of further evolving the additive manufacturing landscape.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Inkbit and Makelab represents a significant step forward in the realm of additive manufacturing. By combining Inkbit’s VCJ technology with Makelab’s expertise in 3D printing services, this partnership is poised to drive innovation, streamline prototyping, and provide access to advanced materials for a diverse range of industries. With early success stories like Hydrific and the potential for broader adoption, this collaboration has the potential to reshape the landscape of hardware development and additive manufacturing in the coming years.

About Makelab: Makelab is an on-demand 3D printing service for parts + prototypes serving consumer/hardware brands locally in NYC and shipping nationwide. Founded by two Pratt industrial designers with decades of hands-on expertise in product design & development. Makelab works with agencies like Doris Dev, PENSA, Interwoven Design Group, and brands like AiTA Bio, Estee Lauder, Judith Leber, Aigen, and Eaton to accelerate agile product development while ensuring quality outcomes.

About Inkbit: Inkbit is an additive manufacturing company located in Medford, Massachusets. The Inkbit Vista™ system is designed for mass production of end-use polymer 3D printed parts. Incorporating a novel technology called Vision-Controlled Jetting (VCJ technology), Inkbit delivers high-resolution additive.

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