3D Printed Custom Sneakers Made by OECHSLER and Sneakprint GmbH

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OECHSLER and Sneakprint GmbH Collaborate on 3D Printed Custom Sneakers

German plastics manufacturing company OECHSLER has embarked on a groundbreaking partnership with Sneakprint GmbH, aiming to introduce customized 3D printed custom sneakers. This innovative endeavor, proudly grounded in German precision and craftsmanship, utilizes cutting-edge 3D printing technology from Carbon, a digital light processing (DLP) firm, to manufacture these personalized midsoles. Subsequently, these tailor-made midsoles are seamlessly integrated into shoes crafted in Portugal, promising a new dimension of fit and comfort. Priced at €439 ($468), these bespoke sneakers offer a unique approach to footwear customization and performance enhancement.

Personalized Fit through Innovative 3D Printing Technology

The process for acquiring these 3D printed custom sneakers is as innovative as the product itself. Customers make an upfront payment and receive an impression box, which becomes the cornerstone of the personalization journey. In the comfort of their homes, customers step into this impression box, which is later subjected to a 3D scanning process.

This high-precision scan captures the unique contours and shape of their feet. Furthermore, customers step onto an included impression sheet designed to record plantar pressure, essentially mapping the contact points and mechanical interaction between their feet and the shoes. The amalgamation of these data points serves as the foundation for creating a personalized insole, which is then shipped to Portugal for seamless integration into the final shoe.

A Paradigm Shift in Footwear with 3D Printed Custom Sneakers

OECHSLER and Sneakprint GmbH Collaborate on 3D Printed Custom Sneakers

The collaboration between OECHSLER and Sneakprint introduces a remarkable paradigm shift in footwear customization. By incorporating plantar pressure mapping and the impression box, this initiative offers genuinely customized midsoles tailored to individual needs. This innovation transcends the boundaries of standard 3D printed custom sneakers, potentially outperforming traditional insoles consistently.

The promise of improved fit and heightened comfort, driven by custom lattices in the sole, addresses individual foot shapes, gaits, and activity levels. This results in enhanced comfort, superior shock absorption, and overall performance, setting it apart from conventional soles that often come in limited sizes and cater to a generic foot shape. This practical approach is essential for moving beyond the hype and establishing 3D printed custom sneakers as a sustainable and successful reality. The team behind this venture remains optimistic about the footwear’s ability to deliver a better fit and heightened comfort. The custom lattices in the sole are designed to provide optimal cushioning and support, specifically tailored to individual foot shape, gait, and activity level.

This 3D printed custom sneakers promises enhanced comfort, shock absorption, and overall performance—certainly a tangible improvement over conventional soles that come in limited sizes and are designed to fit a generic foot shape. Given the premium pricing, it’s essential to address any potential objections. While the technology itself is exciting, the everyday need is for improved footwear. To expand the customer base beyond attendees of events like Formnext, focusing on such practical benefits will be crucial for sustaining the business.

Strategic Benefits and Challenges for Stakeholders

For OECHSLER, this innovative approach to 3D printed custom sneakers presents strategic benefits. In a competitive landscape, especially with challenges posed by China, embracing cutting-edge technology like 3D printing enables the firm to remain competitive, particularly in a high-cost environment for energy and labor in Germany. OECHSLER has proactively engaged in projects beyond footwear, including the development of seats and backpacks, utilizing 3D printing as a key differentiator.

Traditional shoe companies may find transitioning to this new model challenging. Collaborating with a nimble Munich-based startup like Sneakprint could be a strategic move to expedite the adoption of these innovative technologies. A pivotal aspect of this collaboration is the decision not to 3D print the entire shoe, a path taken by others in the industry. This approach ensures that the final product remains comfortably familiar to consumers, offering the same breathability, aesthetic appeal, and comfort as traditional shoes.

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