Intech to promote AMAZEMET’s AM Solutions in India

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Intech Additive Solutions to promote AMAZEMET’s AM Solutions in India
Sridhar Balaram, CEO & Founder of Intech Additive Solutions with AMAZEMET founding team/Source: Intech Additive Solutions

Intech Additive Solutions, a leading Indian metal 3D printing OEM, has joined forces with AMAZEMET, a European provider of Metal Additive Manufacturing Solutions, to help them expand in India. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed at Formnext 2022 in Frankfurt recently where it was agreed that Intech will promote AMAZEMET’s AM Solutions in India.

Intech Additive will distribute AMAZEMET’s impressive product portfolio, including RePowder (Ultrasonic Atomization R&D System for Powder Production), safeEtch (Automated support removal and surface finishing system), and inFurner (High Vacuum Furnace).

AMAZEMET’s AM Solutions in India

AMAZEMET is a Warsaw University of Technology spin-off company. The company focuses on metal additive manufacturing, particularly in new materials, research and development, and industrialization. Aside from the devices it offers (rePowder, inFurner, and safeEtch), the company also participates in scientific collaborations with universities and businesses all over the world.

“Intech believes in providing integrated solutions. With the addition of product offerings from AMAZEMET, we strengthen the philosophy of “value add” and enable our customers to explore the development of new/custom materials and processes in quick time and with lower investments. The innovative product line-up from AMAZEMET coupled with “iFusion150” (Metal 3D Printer) & Parameter Optimization Software “AMOptoMet” from Intech makes it a powerful and perfect R&D setup.”

– Mr Sridhar Balaram, CEO & Founder of Intech Additive Solutions

AMAZEMET’s AM Solutions in India now available for customers include: RePowder, safeEtch and inFurner.

rePowder is the market’s most adaptable materials design system. It enables materials alloying, casting, and powder atomization all in one setup. Users of rePowder can create fine powder with excellent flowability, making it ideal for Additive Manufacturing and other Powder Metallurgy processes. Depending on the frequency, the powder’s d50 ranges from 40-60 m for a 40 kHz system to 80-100 m for a 20 kHz system.

The safeEtch allows the user to automatically remove supports without mechanical treatment and polish the surface even in places where traditional tools are inaccessible. The technology works by accelerating chemical reactions with high-intensity ultrasonics. A patent and two patent applications protect SafeEtch.

The inFurner120 and inFurner200 are versatile and compact high vacuum furnaces for use in laboratories. It has programmable custom heat treatment cycles for AM parts, as well as self-monitoring process parameters for safety.

Speaking on the MoU, Łukasz Żrodowski, CEO and Co-founder of AMAZEMET commented, “Entering the Indian market is essential in spreading AMAZEMET’s mission of enhancing worldwide development in Metal Additive Manufacturing. Thanks to our partnership with Intech, research and production facilities in India will be provided with the best service and equipment that will allow them to grow even more quickly.”

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