Arkema Invests in Continuous Composites to Rapidly Advance the Development of 3D Composite Manufacturing

2 Mins read
Arkema, a leader in high-performance materials for composites and photocurable liquid resins for additive manufacturing, is taking its partnership with Continuous Composites, creator of Continuous Fiber 3D Printing technology (CF3D®), to the next level with an investment in the company to rapidly advance the development of 3D composite manufacturing, a groundbreaking innovation for strong, lightweight structures.

think3D’s Exemplary Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

4 Mins read
Think3D collaborated with various stakeholders like government organizations, customers and business partners. Through its large facility in Vizag, it rapidly responded to the call to help in the fight against COVID-19. It undertook many projects to roll out multiple essential products.

Domestic Data Streamers rely on BCN3D's 3D Printing Technology to Save Costs at Cisco Live 2020 Event

3 Mins read

Domestic Data Streamers, an independent data design studio from Barcelona, put its faith on BCN3Ds 3D printing technology to not only shorten the production time but to also cut its costs for its recent Cisco Live Event.

The Cisco Live 2020 event demanded a unique installation that as to be designed and manufactured in the shortest possible time and least possible cost. Considering these limitations, this job could only be done through 3D printing technology.

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Texas A&M University Researchers Invent Technology to overcome 3D Printing’s ‘Weak Spot’

3 Mins read
Researchers at Texas A&M University, in collaboration with scientists in the company Essentium Inc. have now developed the technology needed to overcome 3D printing’s “weak spot.” By integrating plasma science and carbon nanotube technology into standard 3D printing, the researchers welded adjacent printed layers more effectively, increasing the overall reliability of the final part.