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Iranian Researchers Develop 3D Micro-Structure Printing Technology

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3D Printing Technology

Above: Iranian researchers have developed a 3D micro-structure printer – a first for Iran/Image Credit: Tehran Times

Two Iranian researchers, Professor Mohammadreza Movahhedi and Ph.D. student Keyvan Mohammadi, have developed a type of 3D micro-structure printer. This development is not new for countries like the U.S., Britain, Switzerland, and Japan but it’s a first for the middle-eastern country.

According to Keyvan Mohammadi, “3D printers in micro- and nanometer scales are much more complicated in comparison with macro-scale ones. The super-resolution electrohydrodynamic (EHD) printing has the ability to produce pieces with micron resolution.”

Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) 3D Printing Technology

DragonFly LDM 3D printing system

Above: Simultaneous multi-material additive manufacturing of Printed Electronics/Image Credit: Nano Dimension

Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) inkjet 3D printing technology has superior advantages of being a maskless, non-contact, direct-write and additive process. Its printing resolution exceeds by about two orders of magnitude in comparison to the conventional inkjet printing systems.

It is used in the field of micro/nano manufacturing for patterning of a large class of materials on a variety of substrates with the options to use either Drop-On Demand or continuous mode. Printable electronics especially flexible electronics is one of the many fields where this technology has a lot to offer as the same EHD-inkjet setup can be used for electrospraying for thin film layer deposition, electrospinning for interconnection and EHD jetting for making electrodes. A lot of research has been carried out in the recent past to make its transition from a research tool to a commercial manufacturing process.

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Keyvan Mohammadi has been researching on this technology since the last four years and in the same capacity has been invited to Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania and the National University of Singapore to present the technology.

Mohammadi added, “Companies like Airbus, Siemens and Boeing are developing 3D printing technology to make pieces for using in pharmaceutical, car manufacturing and military industries.”

He continued, “The project focuses on electrohydrodynamic printing, which is different from previous types and can be used in the human body as well.”

Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) inkjet 3D printing technology can be used in different fields of medicine, aerospace, and automobile manufacturing industries.

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