3D Printing Funding News from First Quarter of 2019

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3D printing is rapidly growing and emerging as the new-age manufacturing technology driving the fourth industrial revolution. The interest in 3D printing is growing and this can be easily seen from the fact that 3D printing companies are regularly raising funding rounds.

We round up the recent 3D printing funding news from the concluding first quarter of the year 2019.

3D Printing Funding News 2019

AMFG – January 2019

3D Printing Funding
Above: AMFG received funding from Innovate UK/Image Credit: AMFG

The year 2019 started with AMFG receiving the Innovate UK funding to develop Artificial intelligence solutions for additive manufacturing. The UK-based software company, AMFG, announced the news in January. These funds will be used to further the development of its AI and machine learning technology for additive manufacturing.

Funding from Innovate UK, the UK’s Research and Innovation agency will build on AMFG’s comprehensive workflow management/MES software, which includes request submission, production management and post-processing management. With an eye towards the production of end-use parts, the funding will be put towards developing methods to improve the analysis of parts during the quality assurance stage, including the use of wide-ranging data sets, and to develop its machine learning technology to optimise production scheduling.

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Desktop Metal – $160 Million – January 2019

Desktop Metal Studio Fleet
Above: Desktop Metal Studio Fleet/Image Credit: Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal announced in an official release of January 2019 the closing of a $160 million funding round to advance the global commercialization of its metal 3D printing technology. The round led by Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT) – an investment firm, marks the largest total funding of any private 3D printing company to date. The combined funding for Desktop Metal since its inception in 2015 now stands at $438 million.

This new funding will fuel the continued development of Desktop Metal’s metal 3D printing technology and rich product roadmap, the scaling of operations to meet growing demand of orders, and the financing of major new research and development initiatives. Combined, this will set the company on a trajectory to become a global leader in metal 3D printing, a key pillar of Industry 4.0.

Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT) is an investment firm focused on finding and funding innovative and emerging technologies. KDT is a subsidiary of Koch Industries, one of the largest privately-held companies in America.

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Essentium – $22 Million – January 2019

January 2019 also saw Essentium, an additive manufacturing (3D printing) filament manufacturer; R&D and product development service provider, raising a Series A funding round of $22 million led by BASF Venture Capital, Materialise – the Belgian 3D printing service and software solutions provider, Genesis Park – a Houston-based private equity firm that offers companies more than just capital, and Essentium’s previous seed investors.

The three firms, Essentium, Materialise & BASF will jointly work towards bringing material extrusion-based 3D printing technology (Fused Deposition Modelling or Fused Filament Fabrication) into the manufacturing workflow.

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Markforged – $82 MillionMarch 2019

3D printer
Above: Markforged Metal X/Image Credit: Markforged

In March 2019, Markforged, one of the leading manufacturer of industrial 3D printers for manufacturing and factory floors, raised $82 million series D investment round led by Summit Partners. Its strategic & financial partners, like Matrix Partners, M12, Microsoft’s Venture Fund, Next47, and Porsche SE also participated in the round.

Markforged will use the investment to accelerate its product roadmap including the introduction of mass production printers and new materials. The company also plans to increase its global footprint and strengthen its market share in the $12 trillion manufacturing industry.

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3D Hubs – $18 Million – March 2019

3D Printing Funding
Above: Brian Garret, Founder of 3D Hubs/Image Credit: 3D Hubs

The end of the first quarter of 2019 saw 3D Hubs, the automated manufacturing platform, managing to raise $18M Series C round led by Endeit Capital. This was the company’ largest funding round taking the total funding to $30 million till date. This round also included participation from Hearst Ventures, EQT Ventures, Balderton Capital, Arthur Kosten (founder of and Erik de Bruijn (founder of Ultimaker).

The funding will be used to advance the company’s automation of key features for the manufacturing process, including quoting, design validation and smart order routing to its global network of suppliers.

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BCN3D – $3 million – March 2019

BCN3D, the Spain-based startup that created the disruptive IDEX 3D printing technology, raises $2.7 million seed funding by VC firms Accurafy4, JME VC and Victoria.

BCN3D currently leads the IDEX technology (Independent Dual EXtruder), which doubles productivity compared to conventional desktop 3D printers. BCN3D recently achieved the 5,000 3D printers sold milestone through a network of 60 active distribution partners operating worldwide. The round turns BCN3D into one of the top 10 desktop 3D printing manufacturers in Europe by funding.

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Additive Industries – €10 Million (On Loan) – February 2019

Additive Industries, the Eindhoven-based industrial 3D metal printer manufacturer, has secured a EUR 10 million loan from BOM Brabant Ventures and existing shareholder Highlands to accelerate growth.

Since its inception in 2012, Highlands has been the stable financing partner of Additive Industries and is now joined by BOM Brabant Ventures, a regional investment fund aiming for a strong, sustainable, and future-proof Brabant. The Province of North-Brabant is the home of many high tech equipment OEMs with its concentration in and around Eindhoven, where Additive Industries was founded in 2012.


Bond3D – Multi-Million Euro Deal (*Undisclosed Amount) – March 2019

Fine detailed porous structure printed in VICTREX™ PEEK using Bond High-Performance 3D Technology
Fine detailed porous structure printed in VICTREX™ PEEK using Bond High-Performance 3D Technology/Source: Bond3D

Victrex, UK-based leaders in PEEK & PAEK-based polymer solutions, commenced a multi-million Euro investment deal with Bond3D, a Dutch 3D printing company. The investment is directed towards providing customers with an accelerated route to market for 3D printed PEEK (polyetheretherketone) & PAEK (polyaryletherketone) parts which will be focussed on using Bond High-Performance 3D Technology for printing parts in PEEK & PAEK materials.

By integrating Bond´s 3D processing technology with Victrex´s material application and customer expertise, the common aim is to build on the inherent strength of Victrex´s polymers and set the path to produce functional, & strong parts which contribute to maximising the performance of components.

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The year 2019 has started on a bright note for the Global 3D Printing Industry and it seems the trend will continue to rise as more and more companies raise funding rounds across the globe.

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