AMFG boosts CARLAYERS’ 3D printed spare part efficiency and precision

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AMFG boosts CARLAYERS’ 3D printed spare part efficiency and precision
A Classic Car Restored by CARLAYERS/Source: AMFG

AMFG, a leading provider of MES software for manufacturing, announced recently that CARLAYERS, a German supplier of high-quality car spare parts and prototypes, has chosen to implement AMFG’s additive manufacturing solution and Smart Online RFQ Portal to manage its 3D printed spare part manufacturing process flow.

CARLAYERS uses advanced 3D printing technologies to produce high-quality spare parts, prototypes, and small production runs at unprecedented speeds.


The company’s product portfolio ranges from traditional automotive spare parts to cutting-edge industrial prototypes for future product development. CARLAYERS uses a variety of 3D printing methods, including FDM, SLA, and SLS, to create a wide range of objects with unique material properties and surfaces, demonstrating exceptional flexibility. The company’s capability, enhanced by AMFG, enables the rapid delivery of components and prototypes.

Beyond 3D printing, CARLAYERS provides complementary services such as reverse engineering, 3D scanning, and product development. This comprehensive approach, combined with additive manufacturing, allows for the rapid and high-quality production of prototypes, components, and replacement parts. The combination of cutting-edge technology and supplementary services establishes CARLAYERS as an industry leader, delivering innovative solutions with efficiency and precision.

The Problem

CARLAYERS encountered difficulties in calculating and quoting prices to their customers. Ben Sagemüller, Founder and Commercial Manager of CARLAYERS, commented on the status of their RFQ process, saying, “It took us a long time to calculate 3D printing orders, send out offers, and keep our customers up to date on their orders.” The majority of the day was spent sending emails, filling out Excel spreadsheets, and using other task management software. There was no single point of contact for all projects; we had to keep collecting the right data and had various isolated solutions for different areas.”

“The second problem was that simple contact forms are difficult to use for lead generation when it comes to 3D printing inquiries. Information is often missing, or there is something wrong with the CAD data or something else. This often ended up in endless email correspondence – time-consuming and nerve-wracking. In a nutshell, too much time was spent on simple activities such as creating offers and internal order processing & no user-friendly solution for new customers to place an order with us.”

– Ben Sagemüller, Founder and Commercial Manager of CARLAYERS

The Solution – 3D Printed Spare Part

AMFG’s Production Overview
AMFG’s Production Overview/Source: AMFG

CARLAYERS offers a diverse range of meticulously crafted and long-lasting spare parts suitable for both classic and modern vehicles, all developed with a global perspective. These spare parts are designed to meet the specific requirements of various vehicles and industrial applications, providing unrivalled precision and durability.

CARLAYERS specialises in developing high-quality prototypes. Their services include both visual and mechanical prototyping, with precision prototypes delivered in remarkably short timeframes (typically one business day) to speed up development and manufacturing.

To provide the best service to their customers, CARLAYERS required a manufacturing software solution to streamline and accelerate its production and quoting processes.

Ben Sagemüller explains why he chose AMFG, “AMFG offers us a holistic system and now acts as the core of our daily business. All order data is gathered in one place (whether via email, online orders or manually entered), emails such as order confirmations and shipping confirmations are sent automatically and the ticket status provides an overall overview for every team member so that there is always absolute clarity applies to every order.”

Sagemüller continued, “In addition, through the front end, AMFG provides both new and existing customers with the ability to elegantly place orders, have CAD objects calculated independently, and view an overview of orders placed at any time. This significantly reduces our email traffic and enables us to work more efficiently.”

The Result

3D printed Smart Roadster roof glider set
3D printed Smart Roadster roof glider set/Source: CARLAYERS

CARLAYERS’ optimised spare parts have already gained traction in more than 12 countries, with shipments to numerous satisfied customers. Over 5,000 cars worldwide are equipped with these high-quality spare parts, demonstrating the dependability of these components, as evidenced by a remarkable 98% positive user feedback. We hope that our success will continue with the implementation of AMFG’s software.

Following the successful implementation of AMFG’s software and a quick onboarding process, Ben Sagemüller spoke about how AMFG has improved CARLAYERS’ operations: “By embracing AMFG’s capabilities, our operations have seen a significant increase in time efficiency and gained a clearer perspective on the entire order landscape. The use of uniform calculations for 3D printing orders streamlines the process while also reducing email traffic.

Shifting the responsibility for cost calculations and quotation preparation from production to administration has not only increased our overall efficiency, but has also eliminated the need for extensive 3D printing expertise when creating offers or performing calculations, thanks to AMFG’s stored formulas.
We successfully completed a nearly automatic data transfer, simplifying not only our quoting procedures but also the complexities of the accounting process.

Alexander Grimmer, AMFG’s Technical Consultant in charge of CARLAYERS, stated, “I am thrilled to announce the successful integration of Carlayers into AMFG’s automation software. As the implementation consultant, I oversaw a smooth setup over 5 weeks. We are excited about how our software enables Carlayers to elevate their business with our instant quotation tool, resulting in higher conversion rates. Pricing, order intake, customer management, and invoicing are all automated thanks to the integration with their accounting software. “A thoroughly enjoyable and efficient onboarding experience.”

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