DEWA’s R&D Centre Files New 3D Printing Patent

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DEWA’s R&D Centre Files New 3D Printing Patent
New Patent in 3D Printing by DEWA/ Source: Gulf news

With an innovative build plate and an automated process for detaching 3D printed items, DEWA’s Dubai-based Research and Development Centre (R&D) has just submitted a unique 3D printing patent application. This innovation is set to improve the productivity of 3D printers by making it easier to remove created objects without damaging the machine itself. This development thus allows for continuous 3D printing.

This development aligns with DEWA’s efforts to develop state-of-the-art facilities and specialized programmes for 3D printing and additive manufacturing using this 3D printing patent. The goal of these initiatives is to overcome obstacles in the energy industry. Prototypes and replacement components for DEWA’s generating, transmitting, and dispersal infrastructure are produced with great efficiency thanks to the use of 3D printers. In addition, digitalizing the company’s stock management is impossible without these printers.

“The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is committed to helping the city of Dubai realise its vision of being the world’s leading 3D printing centre by identifying and implementing cutting-edge solutions and technology for our company’s efficient and environmentally friendly fabrication of replacement parts. In addition to improving efficiency and saving money, this also saves time. We use 3D printing as a novel method to create replacement components for our gadgets and machinery, therefore prolonging their useful life and reducing costs” – Mr. Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD and CEO of DEWA

DEWA’s Research and Development Centre submitted a new 3D Printing patent

Mr. Waleed bin Salman, DEWA’s Executive Vice President of Business Development and Excellence, remarked that the Centre has developed into a worldwide platform for delivering cutting-edge technology and solutions for improving the utility industry’s operations and services.

DEWA’s R&D Centre Files New 3D Printing Patent
DEWA’s R&D Centre files new patent in 3D printing/ Source: GCC Business News

The Centre 3D printing patent an adhesive device for 3D printers that evenly disperses sticky material throughout the 3D printing plate, ensuring that created objects adhere securely to the build surface. When it comes to employing threads and wires for 3D printing metal, DEWA is the first organisation in the GCC to do so with 3D printing patent. According to Guinness World Records, DEWA’s Robotics and Drone Laboratory at the Rand D Center was the first 3D-printed laboratory in the world. The Centre promotes our 3D printing ideas, which have received global recognition from utilities, through patents and cutting-edge research publications, the CEO noted.

About DEWA: The Dubai Electricity Company whole filed the 3D printing patent and the Dubai Water Department were previously separate entities, merged to establish DEWA. 1959 Dubai’s then-ruler, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, created these institutions. The government-owned firm’s mission is to ensure that residents of Dubai have access to a constant and sufficient supply of both energy and water.

DEWA serves 915,623 customers with electricity and 816,580 consumers with water as of the end of 2019. A total of 11,400 MW of power and 470 million imperial gallons of desalinated water per day were available from DEWA’s facilities in 2019.

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