Nano Dimension Acquires Additive Flow Technology for 3D Design Simulation and Optimisation Software Excellence

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Nano Dimension Acquires Additive Flow Technology for 3D Design Simulation and Optimisation Software Excellence
Nano Dimension acquires Additive Flow technology/ Source: Voxelmatters

A leading provider of Additive Manufactured Electronics (“AME”) and multi-dimensional polymer, metal, and ceramic Additive Manufacturing (“AM”) 3D printers, Nano Dimension Ltd. (Nasdaq: NNDM, “Nano Dimension” or the “Company”), has announced today that it has acquired the additive flow technology and intellectual property of the United Kingdom-based company Additive Flow (“Additive Flow”), which provides solutions for 3D design simulation and optimisation.

Additive Flow technology has created high-quality, high-performance simulation software for various materials and processes, including mechanical, thermal, thermo-mechanical, frequency, and fatigue. Their solution concurrently optimises for cost, weight, manufacturing efficiency, and yield, all while addressing design, production, and quality decisions.

Additive Flow’s clientele come from the following industries:

  • Promote Optoelectronics and Optics
  • Semiconductors for Aerospace & Defense
  • Energy-efficient Electronics Technology

With this purchase, Nano Dimension has reached a significant benchmark on its path to releasing new products. The Company’s design-through-manufacturing product strategy relies heavily on computer-aided engineering and design (CAD) components. To fully take advantage of additive manufacturing, simulation methods and optimisation skills are of the utmost importance. With the use of Additive Flow’s artificial intelligence (AI) and GPU (‘Graphics Processing Unit’) accelerated software, Nano Dimension’s clients can quickly and affordably reproduce, develop, and enhance AME electrical component prototype layouts. The technology at the heart of Additive Flow will soon be a part of FLIGHT, Nano Dimension’s in-house design software.

Nano Dimension Acquires Additive Flow Technology

“The Additive flow technology team is thrilled to join Nano Dimension,” said Alexander Pluke, CEO and CTO of Additive Flow. To fully utilise the potential of modern production, we developed a solution based on actual engineering difficulties. Our system was designed to streamline digital engineering’s complicated data and choices, allowing teams to concentrate on what matters most. We feel very fortunate to have met Nano Dimension as a partner with whom we can fully realise the potential of our product. Building on our proven success, we want to refine further additive flow technology software and Nano Dimension’s industry-leading AM and AME products.

Nano Dimension Acquires Additive Flow Technology for 3D Design Simulation and Optimisation Software Excellence
Nano Dimension Acquires Additive Flow Gaining Simulation Expertise/ Source: 3d print

Nano Dimension’s Senior Chief Technology Officer Nick Geddes said, “We have been looking at the software industry for simulation and optimization services for some time. Considering our needs across additive flow technology and multi-dimensional polymer, metal, and ceramic AM, additive flow technology product stood out regarding the functionality we needed for a holistic solution. Many strong solutions on the market do certain elements of those complex tasks. Our clients’ ability to benefit from our superior digital manufacturing solutions will be significantly strengthened due to the purchase.

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About NanoDimension

The mission of Nano Dimension (Nasdaq: NNDM) is to deliver solutions that convert digital designs to electronic or mechanical devices on demand, anytime, anywhere, transforming traditional electronics and mechanical manufacturing into Industry 4.0 environmentally friendly and economically efficient precision additive electronics and manufacturing.

Using self-learning and self-improving technologies and cloud-based administration of a distributed production network are central to Nano Dimension’s approach for enhancing manufacturing capabilities.

The aerospace & defence, high-end automotive, high-tech industrial, speciality medical technology, R&D & academic, and other areas that Nano Dimension services total approximately 2,000 clients. The firm creates both the 3D printing equipment and the necessary consumables for the growing Additive Manufacturing and Additive Electronics industries. High-performance electronic devices (Hi-PED®s) can be designed and developed with the help of additive electronics. Production of metal, ceramic, and speciality polymers-based applications, ranging in size from microns to several centimetres, are all possible using Additive Manufacturing.

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