Rever Industries to Improve Customer Experience through its New Product Line – 3D Printing Pen Filament

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Rever Industries announced today that it is launching a 3D printing pen filament under its own FibReel brand. The box packed 3D printing pen filament is among the first in India and will contain 10 rolls of varying colours.

The launch of the product which also coincides with the Indian Independence Day will celebrate the occasion with an Independence Day Special pack. This pack will contain 3 rolls of saffron, white, & green and one roll of blue colour.

3D Printing Pen Filament

Above: FibReel 3D Printing Pen Filament/Image Credit: Rever Industries

Customers can place their orders through the company’s authorised distributors. The product will also be listed on Amazon within a week making it easier for customers to place an order.

3D Printing Pen Filament

3D printing pens are similar to ordinary glue guns, but these pens extrude 3D printing filaments. This extruded/melted material is used to draw figures and artwork. It is similar to a regular writing pen but in these pens, the figure can stand on its own in the third dimension (Z-axis). The subsequent result is a three-dimensional figure which is drawn by hand and looks like a 3D printed part.

Since the drawings are made by the hand they lack the finishing produced by a machine. However, they are a great tool to inspire creativity.

Why the Need for Box Packaging?

According to Rever Industries, the main reason for introducing a dedicated new product for pen filament is to improve the consumer experience. 3D Pen filament is always consumed in small quantities and so either the filament required for the 3D pen is manually broken from an existing spool or is separately ordered from the manufacturer but that is mostly in a roll weighing 50 grams or sometimes even more.

3D Printing Pen Filament

Above: FibReel 3D Printing Pen Filament/Image Credit: Rever Industries

While speaking with Manufactur3D, Suyog Vispute, Partner at Rever Industries said, “Currently in Indian market the 3D Printing Pen filament customers are being largely ignored and their convenience and satisfaction is not being considered. Hence, we decided to offer them a proper product which has been developed for them so that they will have a good experience while using it. As we had said we want to offer something to everyone in 3D Printing Filament segment. FibReel is the only brand who has considered this need and developed such a product.”

About the FibReel 3D Printing Filament

The FibReel 3D printing pen filament will now be packaged in a box and will carry 10 colour of PLA filament. All the filament will be of 1.75 mm diameter as that is the most common and widely used size. The material will be the same FibReel material which guarantees the quality the brand is known for and will also provide the same sales support it already offers.

As mentioned above, the filament will have 10 different coloured rolls of 3 meter each. This will help the users to load a small roll into the pen. This will not burden the pen and users will also get different colours to experiment with.

3D Printing Pen Filament

Above: New box packaging by Rever Industries (FibReel)/Image credit: Rever Industries

The above image shows the new box packaging. It is similar to the packaging used for regular 3D printer spools but customised for the pen filament.

The company, Rever Industries claims that the brand new packaging is also the first in India by an Indian filament manufacturer.

Recently, Manufactur3D had also reported about the launch of Rever Industries’ new FabSilk filament launch. A silk infused PLA filament which offers a smooth surface finish to the products.

About Rever Industries:

Rever Industries is a Nashik-based 3D printing filament manufacturing company founded in 2017. It develops filaments for FDM 3D printing and has a quite a wide range of materials to offer to its clients.

About Manufactur3D Magazine: Manufactur3D is an online magazine on 3D Printing which publishes the latest 3D printing news, insights and analysis from all around the world. Check out our Indian Scenario page for more 3D printing news from India.

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