Zortrax Introducing a New Line of Engineering Resins for Zortrax Inkspire 3D Printer

Above: Suspension Parts 3D Printed with Zortrax Resin Tough Grey/Image Credit: Zortrax

Zortrax Resin Tough is a new line of exceptionally strong resins available for the Zortrax Inkspire UV LCD 3D printer. Each of these new resins offers mechanical properties comparable to polymers commonly used in various industries without sacrificing precision typical for materials curable with UV light. Zortrax Resin Tough line opens up the Inkspire to entirely new applications in engineering, production, and printing fully functional prototypes. 

Zortrax Inkspire is a 3D printer working in the UV LCD technology. It builds physical models out of photo curable resins by solidifying each layer with UV light. This solution enables achieving utmost precision of 3D printed models and high speed of operation. However, most of the resins available for this technology is less durable than commonly used polymers like ABS or HIPS. Zortrax Resin Tough is a line of materials developed to change that. 

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Above: The Zortrax Inkspire UV LCD 3D Printer/Image Credit: Zortrax

The first two in this new line of resins are Zortrax Resin Tough White and Zortrax Resin Tough Grey, which have mechanical properties comparable to widely adopted industrial blends of the ABS polymer. They are slightly harder, though, with a slightly lower flexural modulus. Both resins guarantee excellent surface quality and precise, pronounced details.

Zortrax Resin Tough resins are therefore great for 3D printing functional prototypes of consumer and industrial electronics, impact-resistant housings for drones and other equipment that needs to meet strict durability standards. Moreover, the White variant, unlike many other resins with this color, do not turn yellow even after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. It can be therefore used to 3D print components of products designed for outdoors. 

“The introduction of the Zortrax Resin Tough line is the next step towards making the resin 3D printing technology ready for more challenging production and engineering applications. All resins available in this line have mechanical strength comparable to plastics used in most modern laptops, smartphones, toys, and other consumer products on the market today. Such materials make it possible to use the Inkspire 3D printer for 3D printing fully functional components ready to be used every day”, says Rafał Tomasiak, CEO and Co-Founder of Zortrax S.A.  

Unique properties have been achieved in the Zortrax Resin Tough Clear, the third resin in the lineup, which is translucent and at the same time has mechanical strength on par with the rest of the Zortrax Resin Tough family. This material works great whenever glass-like components with superior resistance to scratches and impacts are needed. Zortrax Resin Tough Clear can be successfully used for 3D printing custom automotive light covers or various other functional light-transmitting parts in consumer products.

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