3D Marc announces partnership with AMFG to integrate Instant Quote Portal

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3D Marc announces partnership with AMFG to integrate Instant Quote Portal
3D Marc announces partnership with AMFG to integrate Instant Quote Portal/Source: AMFG

3D Marc, a 3D design and printing service provider, revealed that it has partnered with AMFG to integrate its Instant Quote Portal thereby improving and scaling its Additive Manufacturing operations. Marc Moeliker founded 3DMARC as a personal hobby that quickly grew into a deep passion.

Marc has had a keen interest in 3D printing since 2000, and he recognized its enormous potential beyond mere novelty. He discovered that this technology could be used to resurrect the production of products that were no longer manufactured by their original manufacturers. Marc developed his expertise in design and optimal printing methods over the years, constantly honing his skills in programs such as AUTOCAD.

3D Marc to Integrate Instant Quote Portal

3DMARC’s mission is simple: to turn innovative ideas into tangible 3D models. Their offerings range from practical items to one-of-a-kind items not found in conventional stores. Furthermore, 3DMARC is dedicated to sustainability. Recognizing the world’s excess of plastic waste polluting the environment, they use 3D printing to repurpose and breathe new life into discarded plastics, thereby contributing to a cleaner planet.

“We needed a professional front end for our customers and an easy-to-use system that allows customers to upload files, consolidate all information, and make informed choices before placing an order. For our company, AMFG facilitates streamlined operations, enabling us to minimise personnel and keep costs low through increased automation.”

– Marc Moeliker, Founder & CEO of 3D Marc

Marc Moeliker explained why AMFG’s Instant Quote Portal was the best fit for his company: “We chose AMFG because of its exceptional frontend layout, which consolidates all essential information into one cohesive program.” This streamlined approach improves our operational efficiency and propels us forward on our growth path. The user-friendly interface makes handling tasks easier, allowing us to navigate complexities and take our operations to the next level.”

AMFG’s commitment to continuous improvement is perfectly aligned with our changing needs. Their cutting-edge updates keep us ahead of the competition in a volatile market. Their invaluable 24/7 support ensures prompt and effective assistance, giving us confidence in realizing the full potential of the platform.

Commenting on the success of the partnership, Marc Moeliker highlighted, “Implementing AMFG’s software has significantly enhanced our business operations. The transparency and organization it provides to our customers are game-changers. Now, our customers enjoy a clearer view of their orders, can easily monitor the manufacturing process, and automatically receive notifications regarding their parts’ progress. This streamlined visibility has not only boosted customer satisfaction but has also optimized our internal processes, fostering smoother workflows and greater efficiency.”

“3DMARC is a prime example of how AMFG can seamlessly integrate with existing workflows and improve overall efficiency, from ordering of goods to workflow management. I am confident Marc will continue to develop his company using AMFG, setting new standards in the AM industry. I very much look forward to our continued partnership, it has been a pleasure to work with the team at 3DMARC.”

– Priya Flora, Implementation Consultant, AMFG

3DMARC values collaboration and believes in combining creativity with technical execution. While 3D printing has limitless applications, its technical implementation can be difficult. As a result, they actively seek partnerships to actualize creative ideas and make them a reality, thereby fostering a realm of innovative possibilities through collaborative efforts. 3DMARC is poised to combine imagination and technical skill, providing a platform for inventive ideas to flourish through collaborative endeavours.

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