Wipro 3D launches its first Industrial Grade 3D Printer based on FFF Technology

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  • The 3D Printer is designed to cater to the Educational Institutes, Industries, Engineering and R&D Centers
Wipro 3D launches its Made in India, Flagship Industrial Grade 3D Printer
(left to right) Mr.Yathiraj Kasal, General Manager, Wipro 3D, Mr. Ramesh KS, Vice President, HP Indigo & 3D Business – Redington Limited, Dr. Ramesh Venkatesan – CEO, Kaizenat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Pratik Kumar, MD, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (WIN)/Source: Wipro3D

Wipro 3D, India’s leading provider of Additive Manufacturing Solutions, has launched the Wipro 3D F300-2, its flagship industrial grade 3D printer, operating on the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology. This is the first product in its line of indigenously developed printers to be announced in the coming future.

To ensure user safety and high-quality 3D prints, this flagship state-of-the-art 3D printer includes features such as automatic platform levelling, magnetic print bed, self-cleaning nozzle, and dual filtration.

Industrial Grade 3D Printer

Wipro 3D’s flagship industrial grade 3D printer for educational institutes, industries, engineering and R&D centers/Source: Wipro 3D

Based on Fused Filament Fabrication technology, this one-of-a-kind printer caters to the industrial segment and is designed and built for robust and dependable operations.

The Wipro 3D F300-2 is an IOT enabled dual nozzle 3D printer that allows remote monitoring and control capabilities over the internet through any computer or any smartphone. The humidity monitored warm filament storage bay in the F300-2 printer ensures that the filament quality does not deteriorate. The printer also has ability to print a wide range of materials as per the needs of the user.

“We are pleased to launch the first of its kind from Wipro, an industrial grade 3D printer’s line-up, which are robust, reliable and indigenously developed with unique tech enabled features. In the last ten years, Wipro 3D has enabled customer success through expertise in metal additive manufacturing and are now foraying in the Industrial grade Polymer 3D printing through our newly launched line of printers.”

– Pratik Kumar, CEO, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (WIN)

Mr. Kumar continued, “We are happy to share that all of our 3D printers will be designed and Made in India. This aligns very well with our vision to be the leader in Additive Manufacturing Technology, offering end-to-end solutions over a wider range of technologies for our customers across industry verticals.”

At the launch, Yathiraj Kasal, General Manager and business head for Wipro 3D, said, “The Wipro F300 – 2 is the first of our, industrial grade 3D printer, which is designed with the industry needs in mind, with a capability of printing multiple industrial grade materials. This dual nozzle printer with magnetic, heated and automatic levelling platform can deliver quality components for functional use. Further through IOT enabled features like remote visual monitoring and critical parameter monitoring & control, Engineers and Researchers can manage print jobs remotely through their smart devices.”

He further added, “This printer is best suited for prototyping, demo models, end use parts and limited batch production for industries like automotive, aerospace & defence, oil & gas, medical, educational institutions, research institutes, etc.”

Wipro 3D Partners

Wipro 3D has brought on a number of partners to expand the sales and distribution network for their printer line-up in addition to the launch of the 3D printer. Redington Limited is one of the partners that will use its extensive distribution network to bring the printer across the country and into the hands of potential industrial customers. The collaboration will help to accelerate technology adoption.

Wipro 3D has also partnered with Kaizenat Technologies who will use its extensive distribution network to expand and extend the reach of the industrial grade 3D printer.

“We are excited to join hands with Wipro 3D for the distribution of their newly launched polymer 3D printer across the country. This partnership will accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing technology across various industries. We will support Wipro 3D’s foray into Indigenous design & development of 3D printers, with our dense distribution network across MSME, Education Institutes & Industrial houses.”

– Ramesh Natarajan, CEO, Redington Limited, on the launch and partnership with Wipro 3D

Mr. Natarajan added, “Our collaboration will fuel new use cases of innovation and applications of 3D Printing across different sectors. This partnership is also a combined effort of both companies, to support the ‘National Strategy on Additive Manufacturing’ launched by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology in February, this year with the intent of catering to the next generation of digital manufacturing and lessening the local disabilities affecting our country.”

Ramesh Kalpathy, VP, Redington Limited – Digital Printing, shared ‘’Our partnership with Wipro 3D will boost our efforts to democratize 3D printing via indigenous products in India. This partnership will also help upskill the present-day industry workforce and serve as a contribution towards the Skill India program launched by the Indian Government. Our collaboration will equip our customers with the resources and capabilities to reduce manufacturing wastage, lower production & prototyping costs, and achieve sustainable goals. These benefits will help promote Make in India policies for several OEMs and mass production companies, at the back of advanced manufacturing processes with efficient cost inputs,” said Ramesh Kalpathy, VP, Redington Limited – Digital Printing

“3D printing is an industry that is on the launch pad for a meteorical growth. Wipro’s new product ‘F300-2’ brings a new dimension to this industry.  ‘F300-2’ reflects Wipro’s legacy of building high-quality products with state-of-class technology.”

– Dr. Ramesh Venkatesan, CEO, Kaizenat

“Kaizenat is very excited to be part of this value chain that can significantly accelerate and innovate industry’s product development process.  We are quite optimistic about this new product from Wipro’s Stable which is poised to be the market leader in this segment. The synergy between Kaizenat and Wipro will help companies to embrace this state of art product through our strong distribution network across India.”

About Wipro 3D: Wipro 3D is a leading provider of Additive Manufacturing Solutions to customers including Additive Consulting, Additive and Product Engineering, Additive Manufacturing, R&D services as well as set up and operations of captive AM centers. With a range of end-use applications successfully delivered over several years, Wipro 3D today offers standard and customized Additive Manufacturing solutions, products, and services, to industries including Aerospace, Space, Industrial, Automotive, Healthcare, Oil & Gas and Heavy Engineering.

About Wipro Infrastructure Engineering: Wipro Infrastructure Engineering is a diversified business with expertise spanning over 4 decades of engineering and manufacturing excellence in Hydraulics, Industrial Automation, Aerospace, Water treatment, and Additive manufacturing.

About Reddington: Redington Limited is a leading IT Technology solutions provider for all categories of Information Technology, Mobility, Telecom, Cloud, Lifestyle, Digital Printing and Solar products. It addresses Technology Friction – the gap between innovation and adoption – in various industry sectors through its footprints across 38 markets through 60 subsidiary offices.

About Kaizenat: Kaizenat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading technology provider with strong domain experience in various engineering verticals. Kaizenat offers state of solutions to its customers that can accelerate their product development process thereby improve & optimize its performance.

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