3D Hubs Opens Two New Warehouses; Guarantees Quality, Zero Customs Delays of Parts

As COVID-19 forces companies to consider diversifying and distributing their supply chain, 3D Hubs opens new warehouses to provide engineers with truly risk-free access to overseas manufacturing; eliminating customs delays and ensuring quality across its global network of manufacturing facilities.

The map above indicates how the manufacturing orders are first imported into the US or EU, before reaching the customer
Above: The map above indicates how the manufacturing orders are first imported into the US or EU, before reaching the customer/Image Credit: 3D Hubs

In an industry first, online manufacturing platform 3D Hubs recently announced that it has completely de-risked overseas manufacturing by opening warehouses in Chicago and Amsterdam to manage customs clearance and additional quality inspections.

Over the last 20 years, the appeal for engineering businesses to outsource their production overseas has shot up. However, outsourcing overseas has traditionally posed several risks and challenges, including finding dependable suppliers, effectively vetting their quality standards, and managing communications across time zones and languages.

In addition to eliminating these challenges, which oftentimes would fall to engineers and disrupt their workflow, 3D Hubs is the first online manufacturing platform to successfully remove two of the biggest challenges related to overseas production: preventing customs delays and ensuring the quality of every delivered part.

This has been made possible through the opening of two new 3D Hubs warehouses, based in Amsterdam and Chicago. These locations will handle all customs clearance, as well as hosting a quality control center to review all parts and ensure they are to specification before reaching the customer on time.

Speaking about how the new warehouses will benefit engineers and supply chain managers, Bram de Zwart, CEO and Co-founder at 3D Hubs said, “For a long time, companies have sought to outsource their manufacturing overseas, but this has come with the risk of customs delays and inconsistent quality. 

“This year we decided to solve this industry challenge once and for all. By opening these new warehouses, 3D Hubs grants engineers and supply chain managers truly reliable access to overseas manufacturing”, concluded de Zwart.

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