3DEO Wins Design Excellence Award for its Metal 3D Printed Production Component

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Above: 3DEO’s award winning metal 3D printed production part, called as the “Anchor Link”/Image Credit: 3DEO/BusinessWire

3DEO, a metal 3D printing technology company, has won the Design Excellence Award for its metal 3D printed production component at the 2020 Design Excellence Award Competition. The competition is sponsored by the international trade association for metal powder industries, MPIF, which recognizes a distinguished example of the efforts in metal additive manufacturing to push forward new technologies, designs, and commercial successes. 3DEO’s metal 3D printed production parts can be found in diverse industries and applications in the aerospace, defence, medical device, and consumer product industries.

Payman Torabi, Ph.D., 3DEO’s co-founder and CTO, said, “We are honoured to receive this award of distinction from MPIF. It is a terrific accomplishment for 3DEO that highlights the giant leaps we have made over the last 18 months commercializing our technology.”

Dr. Torabi also commented on the potential of 3DEO and 3D printing in general to catalyze the next industrial revolution, “3D printing is an incredible modern tool with a lot of advantages. You can’t utilize all its potential powers with an outdated mindset or approach. We as engineers, designers, builders, and innovators need to start rethinking our methods so all of humanity can witness and benefit from a new industrial revolution.”

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Matt Petros, Ph.D., 3DEO’s CEO, said, “It is particularly exciting to me that the winning component is a high-volume metal 3D printed production part, not a one-off prototype. We had to out-compete CNC machining to win the production order, and we did that with a lower piece price AND the ability to seamlessly scale quantities into very high volumes. It was a ‘win-win’ for both 3DEO and our customer.”

For the first time in metal 3D printing, 3DEO is winning high-volume, low-cost parts orders versus traditional manufacturing techniques such as CNC machining and metal injection moulding. 3DEO is breaking new ground in metal AM due to its highly differentiated technology and business model. Rather than selling printers, the company sells parts and offers customers a “one-stop-shop” for production-quality metal components. With 3DEO, customers get what they ultimately need—end use, additively manufactured production parts that are competitive with traditional manufacturing in terms of cost and quality, but with all of the advantages of 3D printing.

Dr. Petros added, “With production customers in diverse industries and applications such as aerospace, defence, medical devices, and consumer products, 3DEO is well on its way to realizing its vision to become a world-class metal parts supplier. The design award for such a high-volume metal 3D printed production component is a terrific example of the tangible progress we are making. Thank you to MPIF for the recognition, and most importantly thank you to our customers for working side-by-side with us to change the world of manufacturing together.”

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