Bringing insole 3D Printing from Prototyping to Production

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3D printing and digitalisation

Above: The 3D printed orthopaedic insole/Image Credit: Create it Real

GeBioM GmbH and Create it REAL ApS are set to revolutionise how personalised insoles are produced by launching a disrupting insole production concept with 3D Printing and digitalisation of production workflows.

The orthopaedic insole market is significantly increasing these years, as the number of diabetes and foot problem patients continues to rise. A proper personalized insole significantly increases the comfort and well-being of such patients. The orthopaedic insole production is currently challenged by the lack of trained orthopaedic technicians, and many manual and time-consuming workflows.

The partnership between GeBioM and Create it REAL solves this issue by automating and digitalizing the workflow, thereby allowing a orthopaedic shoemaker to triple the production capacity and create even better products than what is possible today.

The partnership is unique in the sense, that GeBioM contributes with 25 years of orthopaedic shoemaker market access and knowledge, as well as their proprietary insole manufacturing CAD software.

Create it REAL provides 12 years of 3D Printing expertise, including the required competences for applying the proprietary infill to the 3D printed insoles, assuring that the proper flexibility and softness are applied to the different zones of the insole.

Together the parties are now launching an end-to-end turnkey solution for 3D printing personalized insoles, from the scan of the feet to the finalised 3D printed insoles. The service will initially be available to GeBioM customers in Germany, but will be rolled out to other countries soon.

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Marcel Domenghino, CEO of GeBioM: “In our vision digitization and especially 3D Printing should enable our customers to do new things, and not just old things in a new way. That’s why we were looking for a partner to fulfil this vision to disrupt the way insoles are designed and produced. We created the design program CUBIX as a part of our CAD kernel to enable the customers to fully design a customized and finished insole with different areas of hardness and softness in it.”

“Together with Create it REAL we can offer an integrated process from scan to printed insole. Reducing manual work and the need of technical knowhow. Automating this process and integrating it into our software solutions helps our customers to offer a new way of customization. Especially in the field of orthopaedic footcare we see possibilities for a new level of individualization of insoles more adapted to patient and illness,” added Domenghino.

Jeremie Pierre Gay, CEO Create it REAL says: “This collaboration with GeBioM really shows the power of our 3D Printing technology. GeBioM approached us more than a year ago, and they were quite specific with what they wanted to achieve from this technology, they just did not know how to achieve it. During 2020 we developed the solution together, linking their CAD software to our slicing API, and applying the right slicing parameters and specific infill, specifically tailored to this specific solution.”

“Additionally, we provide GeBioM with a dedicated 3D Printer, built specifically for this application. GeBioM has market access and domain knowledge, we have the right technology. Together we have all the right prerequisites for disrupting this business. In short, we digitalize a manual workflow – the insole market is just one example of where 3D Printing can successfully be applied,” added Pierre.

Both parties do see themselves at a starting point of a long-term partnership. “This is just the start, we will continuously improve our common solution to further drive digitalisation,” Marcel says.

Jeremie adds: “We see a big potential in our cooperation not only in regard to technology but also in regards of new ways for other products.”

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