Carbon3D Introduces new 3D-Printed Materials for Dental Market

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Taking a step further in offering complete 3D manufacturing solutions for the dental market, Carbon3D, the Silicon Valley-based digital 3D manufacturing firm, announced in an official release that it has partnered with DENTCA and DREEVE. Under the collaboration, the company has also introduced new materials – new 3D printed dentures with DENTCA and gingiva masks and trays with DREVE.

The Materials
3D printing for dentists

Above: The DENTCA Base II/Image Credit: Carbon3D

In collaboration with DENTCA – the world’s first CAD/CAM denture company, Carbon has launched the first Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Class II materials for 3D printed dentures for Carbon printers. The two new materials known as the DENTCA Denture Base II and DENTCA Denture Teeth, when used together allow any dental technician or operator without prior knowledge of denture fabrication to produce high-quality, digitally manufactured dentures. The company also offers the DENTCA Denture Try-in – a material which users can use as a temporary fit before producing the final product.

The company has also introduced two new dental materials with DREVE – the DREVE FotoDent gingiva and DREVE FotoDent tray for Carbon printers. These two materials, the company notes offer an opportunity to dental and orthodontic labs to 3D manufacture gingiva masks and dental impression trays rapidly using Carbon’s technology.

3D printing for dentists

Above: The Dreve FotoDent Tray/Image Credit: Carbon3D

Carbon has been revolutionising the use of 3D printing for the dental market and with its patented Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology and robust 3D printers have been delivering complete 3D manufacturing solutions for all the dental production needs. Speaking more about how the partnership with the two companies will increase the use of 3D printing for dentists and other dental customers, Brian Ganey, General Manager of Carbon’s Oral Care Business said, “While 3D printing is not new to the dental market, Carbon provides a complete solution with a very unique partnership approach, enabling dental labs to easily design and manufacture customized, high-quality products for their customers”.

“Carbon is transforming manufacturing in the dental industry with robust and reliable 3D printers, a wide range of industrial-grade dental materials, and next-gen software that enables all these pieces to work together seamlessly. But we don’t stop there: Carbon also provides continuous one-to-one service and support, meaning we engage closely with each of our dental customers to understand their individual requirements and develop new production-quality materials, so the range of materials will continue to grow. We’re there at every step of the process,” Ganey added.

Availability of the Materials

The two new DENTCA and DREVE materials will be available for users by end of March 2018.


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