Stratasys updates Industrial and Healthcare Business Unit products and Stratasys Direct

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  • OpenAM and new materials for FDM, along with software upgrades are part of new solutions customers have available.
Stratasys makes several improvements to its Industrial and Healthcare Business Unit products and Stratasys Direct
Stratasys makes several improvements to its Industrial and Healthcare Business Unit products and Stratasys Direct/Source: Stratasys

Stratasys Ltd. has announced improvements to many Industrial and Healthcare Business Unit products, as well as Stratasys Direct. The company has launched a new open platform for the F900™ 3D printer, expanded on-demand 3D printing capabilities, and introduced a high-performance material for its Fused Deposition Modelling line.

These new products and upgrades address user input and are intended to expand the options and functionality of additive manufacturing capabilities. These innovations are expected to speed up the process of bringing items to market.

“In making these upgrades and enhancements, we are taking and applying feedback from our customers to help them better meet their additive manufacturing needs. Additive manufacturing is on the cusp of a new era, where it works side-by-side with traditional means of manufacturing. Bringing new products and updates, increases our ability to become part of the manufacturing ecosystem.”

– Rich Garrity, Chief Industrial Business Officer, Stratasys

Industrial and Healthcare Business Unit Updates

OpenAM comes to the F900

Stratasys OpenAM™ is a software tool that allows users to customise machine controls and achieve results beyond normal print settings. Stratasys is now offering their OpenAM software for the F900 printer, which was previously available for the Fortus 450®mc. This will improve functionality and capabilities, as well as provide F900 users with access to new content.

New VICTREX AM 200 material for FDM

A new material offering expands the application possibilities for demanding industries such as aerospace and medicine, where material qualities are important components of 3D-printed solutions. VICTREX AM™ 200, a proven material with exceptional performance and strength, will be available for the Fortus 450mc and F900 models. VICTREX AM 200 is a temperature, corrosion, and chemical resistant PEEK-based polymer with outstanding mechanical qualities that can be used in conjunction with soluble and breakaway support materials.

Carbon Fiber Visual Print Option for the F-Series

Carbon Fibre Visual Print Option is a new 5-slice (0.005″) layer height across the F-123 Series™ family of printers that will be available later this month for FDM®ABS-CF10. It offers a smoother surface finish, making it ideal for applications where the visual appearance of a product is crucial. It is designed for applications that require the toughness of a carbon-filled polymer while also producing a visually appealing finish without the need for extra post-processing.

F770 Adds New Colors

The F770® printer can now print in different colours in addition to the basic ivory. Six new ASA colours, including red, white, light grey, black, blue, and yellow, will increase the adaptability of FDM® ASA and ABS-M30 technical plastics. The new colours allow for printing without painting or other post-production marking, making parts ready considerably faster and enhancing productivity.

Somos NeXt Validated for SLA

Stratasys NEO® stereolithography 3D printers may now use verified Somos® NeXt™ materials. Somos NeXt is a high-strength resin that can be used in automotive and consumer products, as well as other applications such as prototyping, to create durable, accurate, and intricate parts.

GrabCAD Software update

Stratasys has launched Parts on Demand by GrabCAD, a new integration that connects the company’s software platform to Stratasys Direct. GrabCAD Print™ users now have access to Stratasys Direct’s 3D printers, which offer larger and more detailed designs, over 50 engineered materials, and severe quality inspections.

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