EnvisionTEC’s Hardware Update allows it to offer Highest Resolution Large-Frame 3D Printer

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EnvisionTEC, one of the leading global providers of professional-grade 3D printing solutions released a hardware update to its family of large-frame 3D printers. The update now allows the 3D printers to deliver the best-in-class resolution.

Following the update, EnvisionTEC now offers XY resolution of 25 microns, which is equivalent to about half the cross-section of a human hair in two of its main largest 3D printers – the Vector UHD 3SP and the Xede UHD 3SP. Both the 3D printers work on the company’s patented 3SP or Scan, Spin and Selectively Photocure technology, which uses a unique laser-based process to cure photopolymers in a large vat up to 457 x 457 x 457 mm (18 x 18 x 18 in) in the Xede 3SP model.

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EnvisionTEC's Vector UHD 3SP and Xede 3SP 3D Printer
Above: EnvisionTEC’s Vector UHD 3SP 3D Printer (L) and EnvisionTEC’s Xede 3SP 3D Printer (R)/Image Credit EnvisionTEC

These 3D printers from EnvisionTEC that work on the 3SP model are hugely popular among dental laboratories, which use them to 3D print large volumes of dental models, but some of the users also include manufacturers from a variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, consumer goods and others. The 3SP technology, the company states, is preferable, because it offers unique advantages when compared with conventional SLA 3D printers, which use an expensive solid state laser to draw out parts layer-by-layer by reflecting the beam off galvo mirrors in a large build area.

However, the 3SP model offers a simple and efficient approach as a multi cavity diode laser is reflected off a spinning mirrored drum efficiently scans across a very large vat to cure material. In essence, the laser in this technology draws in straight lines in the Y direction, with the beam simply turning on or off to cure the necessary shaper as the complete laser assembly moves in the X direction.

Offering more details about the hardware upgrade, Al Sibalani, CEO of EnvisionTEC said, “With this hardware upgrade, EnvisionTEC can now offer the same level of resolution in our 3SP family that we are known for with our Perfactory printer family.” The perfactory printer family from EnvisionTec is the company’s “personal factory” line of 3D printers that work on the exclusive DLP technology.

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