EOS Customers get access to PostProcess Variable Acoustic Displacement Technology

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  • Partnership Makes it Easier for Powder-Bed Industrial 3D Printing Users to Obtain Automated, Intelligent Post-Printing Solutions
PostProcess Variable Acoustic Displacement (VAD) Technology
PostProcess Variable Acoustic Displacement (VAD) Technology/Source: PostProcess Technologies

PostProcess, the leader in automated and intelligent post-processing solutions for 3D printed parts, and EOS, a leading supplier of responsible manufacturing solutions through industrial 3D printing technology, have announced a distribution partnership to provide EOS customers with a fully automated and sustainable depowdering solution.

The PostProcess Variable Acoustic Displacement™ (VAD) technology, which complements the EOS printer product line, automates gross depowdering for 3D printed parts. This collaboration makes it easier for customers to obtain post-printing solutions, allowing for end-to-end digitization of the workflow from part design to 3D printing to post-processing.

PostProcess Variable Acoustic Displacement (VAD) Technology

EOS P 500
EOS P 500/Source: EOS

Existing powder removal methods are either highly manual or semi-automated, which can lead to safety and sustainability issues in some cases. PostProcess’s new VAD-based solution is thermodynamically controlled, with video and infrared monitoring, while releasing, transferring, and recovering loose powder particles hands-free.

The patent-pending VAD technology optimises mechanical energy and intelligent closed-loop thermal and displacement techniques for revolutionary bulk depowdering results, allowing full process chain automation. The powder removal and recovery achieved by VAD technology improves process performance and control, allowing customers to benefit from increased sustainability and employee safety, repeatability and productivity, and lower operating costs. Customers can print intricate and detailed parts without fear of breakage during the post-processing step.

“We are proud to solidify this partnership with EOS, a global leader in industrial 3D printing, to help end users more easily adopt the complete workflow of additive manufacturing and scale their operations. EOS stands behind their sustainability objectives and shares in our dedication to ensuring additive manufacturing scales sustainably.”

– Jeff Mize, CEO, PostProcess Technologies

Speaking to the collaboration Nikolai Zaepernick, Chief Business Officer at EOS, said, “This partnership with PostProcess provides a digital connection that enables traceability and connectivity. We found the perfect match with PostProcess in providing our customers with sustainable automated post-processing for their delicate and complex parts manufactured using the EOS P 500.”

Since its initial introduction in 2020, and as part of the validation process, VAD technology has been successfully used by large industrial customers to process hundreds of SLS cakes and thousands of parts in production environments. With its broader commercial launch at the end of this year, a few spots in its Early Access Program remain available for customers. Contact your EOS or PostProcess representative for more information or to register for this limited VAD programme.

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