Dixit Systems Launches Innovana3D, A Quote Generation and Order Management Software for Manufacturing Service Providers

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Dixit Systems Launches Innovona3D
Dixit Systems Launches Innovona3D/Source: Innovona3D

Dixit Systems, an engineering and 3D software Startup, has launched Innovana3D – A reimagined Quote generation, Order Management, and Sales Platform for Manufacturing Service Providers to create value and enable digital transformation in line with Industry 4.0. The Software as a Service (SaaS) system can be easily integrated with the website of the manufacturing service provider, transforming the quote generation and order management process.

Innovana3D is one of the solutions created by Dixit Systems’ team to provide a complete solution for quote generation and order management. At the moment, the emphasis is on Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing service providers. Support for other manufacturing processes, on the other hand, will be added iteratively.

“In today’s e-commerce environment, manufacturing landscape is changing rapidly and there is no going back. Your customers are used to instant and transparent pricing and 2-day delivery. Manufacturing Service Providers needs to be mindful that if your competitors are winning in timing and ease of ordering parts, you are at best coming in at second. And in sales, second is the last place.”

– Prasad Dixit, CEO, Dixit Systems

Why Innovana3D?

Introductory video to Innovana3D and why Contract Manufacturing Service Providers are choosing Innovana3D/Source: Innovana3D/YouTube

The Innovana3D team closely observed the challenges faced by manufacturing service providers and their customers in obtaining RFQs and the overall part ordering process, and designed Innovana3D to address those pain points. For example, Innovana3D can reduce the time it takes to generate a quote from 2-3 business days to minutes. It provides a very intuitive and visually rich user interface for ordering parts instead of boring RFQ forms on the website followed by multiple emails back and forth to complete the order.

Dixit Systems, founded in 2016, has extensive experience providing solutions to the CAD/CAM/CAE and manufacturing industries. The company has a track record of producing numerous commercially released software solutions for its clients that are of high quality and dependability.

Prasad Dixit added, “Your customers need you to be present to solve complex problems for them and you should be available for them to resolve those complex issues. However, your customers don’t want to talk to you to get a quote, to make a payment, to see the pricing, material, colour, and finish options you have, or to track their packages. They want to be able to access those services on their own, any time, on any device available at their fingertips. And that is the prime motivation behind developing Innovana3D.”

Traditional vs the Innovana3D Process

The traditional process used by manufacturing service providers is divided into many steps that are clumsy and time-consuming. It begins with receiving the CAD model and customer requirements via RFQ form or email. Following that, the internal team informs the production team of the details, and the finalised quote is distributed to the customer. With this process, the customer must wait 2-3 business days to receive the quote, and internal teams face communication and payment challenges.

File upload dialog box
File upload dialog box/Source: Innovana3D

To address this issue, Dixit Systems created the Innovana3D solution, which can be integrated with the website of the manufacturing service provider. The customer can upload the CAD file, select the materials, and receive an instant quote using Innovana3D’s geometric quoting engine. (If service providers prefer not to provide instant quotes, Innovana3D can also be configured in this manner.)

Furthermore, your customers can easily place multiple orders and make payments. The information is readily shared with the production and management teams as soon as the order is received, removing mismanagement and miscommunication issues for the internal team.

When users click on “Get a Quote” button on your manufacturing services website, they are presented with a file upload dialog.

Once the files are uploaded, customers can easily view and configure their orders from a range of available material, colour, and finish options available as per the service you provide.

Built-in cloud-based 3D viewer
Built-in cloud-based 3D viewer/Source: Innnovana3D

Additionally, Innnovana3D’s built in cloud-based 3D viewer allows you and your customers to view CAD files without the need to download the file and opening in an external application.

The Innovana3D system is also focusing on high-quality data security features to prevent critical information and enhance safety. It has a rich library of materials, colours, and post-processing solutions which can be customized according to the needs of the manufacturing service providers. The feature of post-procession solutions provides better customer service and improves the scope for business development for the manufacturing service providers.

Manufacturing service providers can schedule live demos and one-to-one session with the Innovana3D team, and the Innvoana3D beta version is available for early access at a discounted rate. Furthermore, the Innovana3D team will be present with live software demonstrations at the Additive Manufacturing Strategies event on February 7-9,2023, in New York.

About Innovana3D: Innovana3D is a SaaS (Software as a service) based solution for the manufacturing industry for quote generation and order management process. The young, new-age solution is a cloud-based solution offered by the Dixit System, reflecting engineering excellence. Innvoana3D has a wide range of customization to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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