Masan High-Tech Materials introduces Tungsten Powders for 3D Printing

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Masan's manufacturing plants in Germany
Masan’s manufacturing plants in Germany/Source: Masan

Masan High-Tech Materials, a global leader in providing advanced tungsten materials, has patented tungsten powders for 3D printing and battery technology. Under the’starck2print’ trademark, H.C. Starck tungsten Powders, a wholly owned subsidiary of Masan High Tech Materials, now offers special tungsten powders for 3D printing and complementary innovation services.

The powders’ high flow ability and optimised particle size distribution make them ideal for additive manufacturing processes like powder bed-based laser beam melting and selective electron beam.

In addition to existing products, H.C. Starck develops special blends to meet the specific needs of individual customers within the framework of application technology cooperation.

Tungsten Powders for 3D Printing

H.C. Starck is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality tungsten powders customised to meet the needs of individual customers. The powders for “starck2print” are made by reducing tungsten oxide in a hydrogen atmosphere. Because of the products’ consistent high purity, this particularly efficient process ensures consistent production quality at customers’ facilities.

The extensive recycling expertise of the over-100-year-old company also allows for the creation of a closed loop in which tungsten components are recovered from used 3D prints and reused as raw materials.

“We believe that the technology metal tungsten has considerable potential in 3D printing. Establishing our own brand underlines our expertise and ambitions in this innovative growth sector.”

– Hady Seyeda, CEO, H.C. Starck

Innovation in fast-growing battery industry

High-tech Tungsten Powders for 3D Printing
High-tech tungsten powder products/Source: Masan

At the end of February 2023 H.C. Starck resumed marketing special tungsten powders for use in lithium-ion batteries under the starck2charge brand. Seyeda commented, “Tungsten-based products can make a significant contribution to the further development of battery technology.”

“In this highly innovative field, we are not only developing new products, but also interacting with new target groups. The starck2charge brand makes it easier for us to differentiate ourselves and underlines our long-term commitment to this sector.”

Simultaneously, H.C. Starck tungsten has been researching innovative cathode coatings with the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, since April of last year.

There are already powder mixtures on the market whose use in corresponding applications has been shown to improve the stability and safety of lithium-ion batteries.

“Our goal is to produce advanced materials with unique applications through innovation and introduce them to the market in the near future. starck2print and starck2charge are the continuation of our product portfolio expansion to meet the needs of global industries and advanced technology companies.”

– Craig Bradshaw, CEO, Masan High-Tech Materials

Masan High Tech Materials’ wholly owned subsidiary, H.C. Starck tungsten Powders, is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality tungsten powders tailored to individual customer needs.

Decades of recycling experience, as well as access to the world’s largest tungsten reserves outside of China, owned by the company’s parent group Masan High-Tech Materials, ensure a consistent supply of conflict-free raw materials.

H.C. Starck tungsten Powders employs approximately 540 people across three production sites in Germany, Canada, and China, as well as sales offices in the United States and Japan. The company is headquartered in Goslar, Germany, at its largest production site.

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