Meltio unveils the Horizon software and new Laser Calibration System for its Wire-Laser Metal 3D Printing technology

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  • These new solutions represent a step forward in the research and development of Meltio's engineering team that consolidates the company as an ally to improve the manufacturing needs of the worldwide industrial sector.
Meltio Horizon Software compatible with its Wire-Laser Metal 3D Printing technology
Meltio Horizon Software/Source: Meltio

Meltio, a disruptive laser metal deposition technology manufacturer, has taken a giant step toward making its unique metal 3D printing solutions more accessible by introducing two new innovations to increase the reliability of metal part manufacturing for creating accurate parts: the Meltio Horizon software and the new Laser Calibration System for its Wire-Laser Metal 3D Printing technology.

Both of the technological solutions developed by Meltio’s engineering team are another step in the company’s strategy to remove the barriers that have kept metal additive manufacturing from having a significant presence in many industrial sectors. Meltio is now the ideal partner for these industries.

As, is excited about these two new innovations that will benefit industries worldwide by utilizing Meltio’s wire-laser metal 3D printing technology.

“We have developed the Meltio Horizon software and the Laser Calibration System with the aim of facilitating the use of Meltio’s metal 3D printing technology for industries around the world. It should be noted that metal additive manufacturing has historically been associated with complex and expensive software, limited to the use of very few people because it was very specialized.”

– Ángel Llavero, CEO, Meltio

Llavero added, “At Meltio, with the launch of our new software, we facilitate and shorten the learning time for you to democratize metal 3D printing so that your software is accessible and easy to use for many different profiles within a company. The Laser Calibration System will give industrial companies a new tool to be able to work with guaranteed reliability in the creation of their metal parts”.

Meltio Horizon Software

Newly introduced proprietary solutions/Source: Meltio

Meltio Horizon is a proprietary toolpath generator software that ensures a fully tailored customer experience centered on its plug-and-play metal 3D printer, the Meltio M450, which includes its own unique features as well as custom-developed Meltio print and material profiles. The new software solution is designed to work with the Meltio M450’s laser wire metal deposition process. Meltio users have previously relied on third-party FFF slicers to prepare toolpaths for the Meltio M450.

Key Features

  • Easy to use: Only Meltio’s laser-wire metal 3D printing process settings are available. Specific settings are explained to make the printing process go as smoothly as possible.
  • Cost calculation: Configure your printing cost model easily and have it calculate the cost per part in each project automatically.
  • Tailor-made to laser-wire: Made to order for Meltio’s wire-laser metal 3D printing process, it also includes built-in profiles for Meltio Materials.
  • Combined material profile: Previously divided between the printer and the slicer, everything is now in the slicer.

Laser Calibration System

Meltio Laser Calibration System
Meltio Laser Calibration System/Source: Meltio

Furthermore, Meltio has introduced a new Laser Calibration System as an accessory (kit) to improve the reliability and ease of use of Meltio’s machines, ensuring a faster and more reliable print process to improve user experience.

The Laser Calibration System enables Meltio users to accurately and easily calibrate Meltio’s multi-laser deposition head on all three of its metal 3D printing solutions. The system consists of a laser alignment camera that must be placed beneath the printhead to provide a clear view of the lasers’ focus point. The camera is controlled by a portable controller, which is included in the kit, as well as software designed specifically to filter the camera image and guide the user to focus each laser on the most optimal point.

Key Features

  • Accuracy: Accurately and effortlessly calibrate Meltio’s multi-laser deposition head.
  • Speed: Cuts calibration time in half.
  • Ease of use: Easy to set up and use. Furthermore, the kit includes all of the components required for calibrating the Meltio M450 metal 3D printer, the Meltio Engine CNC, or Robot Integration.
  • Repeatability: It allows the lasers to be calibrated in the exact same way every time, resulting in consistently high-quality print jobs.
  • Traceability: Because the kit records the calibration process, you can retrace your steps whenever necessary.

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