Miele Releases Free 3D Printable Accessories for its Domestic Appliances

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3D printable accessories

Above: Miele releases free 3D printable accessories for its domestic appliances/Image Credit: Miele

Miele, a German family-owned manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances and commercial equipment, has released a range of 3D printable accessories for its customers. Customers can freely download the accessories through the Thingiverse platform. The collection is released under a Thingiverse profile of 3D4U powered by Miele.

As a start, Miele is currently offering the 3D printable accessories only in three categories, namely, Kitchen gadgets, Vacuum cleaners and Handyman. Some of these models can even be customised by the customers through the Thingiverse customizer option.


Some of the accessories released under the 3D4U profile are as follows:

3D Printable Accessories: Coffee Clip
3D printable accessories

Above: 3D4U Coffee Clip/Image Credit: 3D4U powered by Miele/Thingiverse

The flavour of the coffee depends on its freshness and often times it happens that once a coffee packaging is opened up it starts to lose its freshness as the packing is not airtight.

With the 3D4U coffee clip, Miele offers a particularly convenient way of closing and opening the packaging. Proportioning coffee beans is now even more convenient.

3D Printable Accessories: Borehole Cleaning Aid
3D printable accessories

Above: 3D4U Borehole Cleaning Aid/Image Credit: 3D4U powered by Miele/Thingiverse

The 3D4U Borehole Cleaning Aid ensures that your hands are free when working with a drill. Mounted on the hand-piece, this accessory automatically secures itself to the wall. For this purpose, the base plate was optimized for the airflow by computer simulation. The nine openings draw in the dust that accumulates around the borehole when drilling particularly effectively. The result: less stress during drilling, a clean floor and more safety when working on ladders.

3D Printable Accessories: Motif Dispenser
3D printable accessories

Above: 3D4U Motif Dispenser/Image Credit: 3D4U powered by Miele/Thingiverse

Magically create your name or favourite motif on a surface in no time at all. With cocoa on your milk foam or with icing sugar on your pastry. Similar to a pepper mill, the upper and lower sections can be twisted in opposite directions. However, inside there is no grinding mechanism, instead there is a generator creating vibrations. When both dispenser sections are twisted, micro-vibrations from the generator create a fine dust. The result: within seconds, they conjure up the desired motif on any surface. This technology has been transferred and miniaturized from the patented cleaning system of the Miele Blizzard CX1. The vibration generator of the CX1 ComfortClean system ensures automatic cleaning of the fine particle filter.

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Speaking about the release of 3D printable accessories, David Buhl, 3D4U project manager at Miele’s Bielefeld plant said, “With 3D4U, we aim to offer our customers additional benefits and put ideas into practice which we were not previously able to implement as part of our comprehensive portfolio of accessories. In doing so, each part reflects our expertise in product development, for instance more than 90 years of Miele experience in floor care.”

Miele recommends the use of PLA filaments for 3D printing the accessories as PLA is the most affordable 3D printing filament in addition to being one of the easiest materials to print with. It is bio-degradable and offers good strength.

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