Peopoly develops Magnetic Levitation Motor System for its new Magneto X FFF 3D Printer

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Magneto X FFF 3D Printer with magnetic levitation linear motor system
Magneto X FFF 3D Printer with magnetic levitation linear motor system/Source: Peopoly

Peopoly, a 3D printer manufacturer based in Hong Kong, has announced the release of its new Magneto X extrusion 3D printer, which features a proprietary magnetic levitation motor system for the X and Y axes. This, according to the company, will help it’set new industry standards’ for speed, precision, and reliability in the fused filament fabrication (FFF) market.

Peopoly’s MagXY magnetic levitation linear motor system for the X and Y axes is said to achieve unprecedented repeatability of three microns, going ‘beyond traditional belts and pulleys’. Peopoly claims that by eliminating the use of belts and pulleys, it has eliminated common defects such as ringing and vertical fine artefacts (VFA), and that the MagXY system also maintains accuracy through a true closed-loop system with position feedback.

FFF 3D printer with Magnetic Levitation Motor System

FDM 3D printing with proprietary magnetic levitation linear motor system/Source: Peopoly/YouTube

Peopoly also claims that its MagXY motor system is ‘more streamlined’ than those that rely on belts and stepper motors, citing its clean and simplified design, which allows for faster extruder replacement because there are no belts to disconnect, for example. Lower rail friction also extends its useful life and reduces the need for frequent calibration, which helps to reduce downtime and save money.

The Magneto X printer also has a surprising print speed of up to 1200 mm/s and a maximum acceleration of 22,000 mm2/s, thanks to its low-friction linear motor, and a variable-length melt zone that allows for a maximum flow rate of up to 60 mm3/s. While this contributes to faster print speeds without sacrificing quality, the E3D V6 volcano-style nozzle ensures broad filament compatibility and easy replacement.

The printing takes place within a 400 x 300 x 300 mm build volume with four independently driven Z-axes for ‘enhanced stability and levelling accuracy.’ Materials such as PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA, and Nylon carbon fibre can be printed with a 300°C hot end and 0.4mm copper and hardened steel nozzles.

Peopoly has also installed a 1080P HiDef camera for real-time monitoring and time-lapse recording, as well as a Jetstream-style fan to ensure consistent cooling for high-speed printing. The build plate heats up quickly, is powered by a 1000W alternating current supply, and has a PEI magnetic surface for easy print removal. 

The machine is compatible with Orca Slicer, PrusaSlicer, and Cura, and it has multiple connection options, including WiFi, Ethernet, and SD card offline mode. Peopoly contributes to the open-source community by sponsoring OctoPrint and Orca Slicer. Magneto X is powered by Klipper firmware and a transparent code base. It does not require a network connection to operate, nor does it send or store data in the cloud, ensuring operability as well as full security and IP protection.

Peopoly will sell the Magneto X for $1,999 USD at retail, with a special pre-order price of $1,399 USD available. The units are expected to ship in mid-November.

About Peopoly: Peopoly (Peopoly Inc Limited) was founded in 2015 by two friends who enjoyed building 3D printers. First they developed Moai, a laser/galvo-based SLA printer that is affordable and produces high-quality prints.

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