PEUGEOT unveils new range of 3D Printed Car Accessories developed in collaboration with HP

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Peugeot's 3D Printed Car Accessories
Above: The new PEUGEOT 308/Image Source: PEUGEOT

PEUGEOT, a French car brand owned by Stellantis, has announced a new range of 3D printed car accessories, including a sunglasses holder, a can holder, and a phone/card holder, developed in collaboration with HP. All of these new accessories were created specifically for the PEUGEOT 308.

PEUGEOT is reinventing car accessories, and it’s using 3D printing and HP’s MJF technology to do so. PEUGEOT’s Design, Product, and Research & Development teams worked together with HP Inc., Mäder, and ERPRO to create these 3D printed car accessories. They’re 3D printed with HP’s Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology, with the goal of creating innovative products that are pleasant to the touch, light, solid, and simple to use, and that complement the 308’s new PEUGEOT i-interior Cockpit’s comfort.

3D Printed Car Accessories

Sunglasses holder 3D printed car accessory
Above: Sunglasses holder 3D printed car accessory/Image Source: PEUGEOT

The overall goal of the project was to make car accessories more visible and appealing by innovating and incorporating modern materials. The 3D printed car accessories from PEUGEOT are made of a jointly developed polymer that provides flexibility, speed, and quality. BASF’s Ultrasint thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), developed in collaboration with HP Inc., is the flexible material used.

It’s ideal for impact-absorbing parts that need a lot of elasticity, as well as flexible mesh-like structures. The material can be used to make parts with a high level of detail and a high surface quality.

PEUGEOT's car accessories 3D printed on HP's MJF printer
Above: PEUGEOT’s car accessories 3D printed on HP’s MJF printer/Image Source: PEUGEOT

A sunglasses holder, a can holder, and a phone/card holder are among the PEUGEOT 3D printed car accessories. This was just the beginning, and it was more of a test and exploration of the 3D printing technology’s possibilities and capabilities. PEUGEOT, or more accurately, the STELLANTIS Group, has decided to patent the use of TPU in car interiors, indicating that the company plans to invest more in this new approach.

Similar 3D printed car accessories in more of its automotive brands, such as Abarth, Dodge, Citroen, Masserati, and others, would not be an exaggeration.

In the automotive industry, 3D printing is still in its infancy, especially at PEUGEOT. This technology will be developed in series, not only for the accessory line, but also for the more technical components of future PEUGEOT models.

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