Polymaker PolyDryer™ – The revolutionary new 3D Filament Drying & Storage Solution

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Polymaker PolyDryer™ - Your Ultimate 3D Filament Drying & Storage Solution
Polymaker PolyDryer™ – Your Ultimate 3D Filament Drying & Storage Solution/Source: Polymaker

Polymaker, a global 3D printing filament manufacturer, is launching PolyDryer™, a new 3D filament drying and storage solution. It protects the filament from dust and moisture while keeping it dry.

PolyDryer™’s unique features, including modular design, exceptional sealing performance, and high drying efficiency, seek to improve 3D print quality and address frequent concerns.

Polymaker PolyDryer™ 3D Filament Drying & Storage Solution

The Polymaker PolyDryer™
The Polymaker PolyDryer™/Source: Polymaker

Printing with wet 3D filament can cause stringing, clogging, and uneven or poor surface quality, emphasising the importance of drying or sealing. Polymaker created PolyDryer™, a holistic solution that combines drying and sealing functions. Existing products on the market only partially address these issues.

The device is modular and consists of two units: Dry Dock, which provides stable temperatures for quick and even drying with a precise heat control system and PTC heater, and PolyDryer™ Box, which provides improved sealing performance and filament protection. These components can be used individually or in combination. Dry Dock uniformly dries filaments in the PolyDryer™ Box above it. The PolyDryer™ Box can be utilised with or without the dock for storage.

The second essential attribute is its excellent sealing performance. PolyDryer™ provides long-term material preservation and longer drying time. Its superior sealing performance and clear desiccant indicator display keep humidity levels stable, ensuring that filaments are dry and ready for printing.

PolyDryer efficiently dries most of the commonly used 3D printer filaments
PolyDryer efficiently dries most of the commonly used 3D printer filaments/Source: Polymaker

PolyDryer™’s high precision heat management system, fan, and PTC heater efficiently dry the most commonly used 3D filament types, including PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, PA, TPU, PC, and more. Furthermore, filament can be dried during printing by pressing and holding the button “M” to activate Continuous Drying Mode, which ensures complete drying of all filament layers, offering double assurance of material quality.

“PolyDryer™ offers a one-stop solution for effective drying and sealing, ensuring optimal printing conditions and improved print quality. As a brand dedicated to meeting user needs, we aim to provide a complete 3D printing filament solution with this product. In the future, Polymaker will expand its presence in 3D printing materials, offering a wide range of material services to simplify creation.”

– Dr. Luo Xiaofan, President of Polymaker

PolyDryer™ 3D printer filament drying and storage solution offers wide compatibility with various 3D printing materials, accommodates filament up to 1kg, and both of 1.75mm/2.85mm/3.00mm diameters can be used in it. Moreover, it ​has a compact footprint for which makes it easily portable.

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