Rising from Humble Beginnings, A3DXYZ, an Upcoming 3D Printing Service Bureau from Satara, Maharashtra

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India is a land of opportunity and now it is rapidly becoming the land of entrepreneurs. We are seeing a lot of first-time entrepreneurs starting and successfully running their businesses in various parts of the country.

Lately, 3D printing has provided a great opportunity for youngsters to start their own businesses. And leveraging his experience & knowledge of the 3D printing technology, Avadhut Deshmukh, a 23-year old graduate from humble background started his own 3D printing service bureau, A3DXYZ, in 2018. He opened the service bureau in Karad city, in Maharashtra’s Satara district.

Today, A3DXYZ has now become one of the fastest growing 3D printing service bureau in Satara, where such a business was literally never heard of before.

Humble beginnings

Founder of A3DXYZ, Avadhut Deshmukh, is deaf and dumb by birth and has faced numerous challenges while growing up. Facing these challenges head-on and with an aim to do something on his own, Avadhut took the plunge in the 3D printing industry.

On being asked why he decided to start a 3D printing service bureau, he states, “I have five years of experience in the 3D printing technology. I wanted to capitalise on this knowledge and so I decided to start my own 3D printing service bureau.”

3D Printing Service Bureau

Above: Moon Lamp 3D printed in PLA/Image Credit: A3DXYZ

Avadhut started his business as a sole proprietor and has successfully managed to reach and close multiple service orders from respectable clients from the neighbouring industry. The website also attracts quite a good number of orders and he has successfully completed those orders within time and with many happy clients.

A3DXYZ – 3D Printing Service Bureau

3D Printing Service Bureau

Above: Industrial prototypes 3D printed in FDM in ABS material/Image Credit: A3DXYZ

A3DXYZ was founded in June 2018. It is a typical 3D printing service bureau which offers 3D printing services in multiple 3D printing technologies like Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM), Stereolithography (SLA), & Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). By leveraging his good relations with other service providers A3DXYZ also provides services in metal 3D printing through Selective Laser Melting (SLM).

Apart from this, the bureau also deals in low volume production, so if any customer wants to produce multiple pieces of a specific model, then it can easily be provided by A3DXYZ.

A3DXYZ also provides 3D modelling or designing services to its clients. Any customer who requires some designing work to be done can also approach the bureau.

Additionally, the bureau is also involved in selling 3D printer accessories like motor, belts, extruders, etc.

It is literally a one-stop shop for everything relating to 3D printing. The only thing missing in this link is 3D printers which Avadhut surely understands. And naturally, the next step for A3DXYZ is to start manufacturing its own line of FDM 3D printers. This new range of 3D printers is however still in the testing and prototyping stage but as per Avadhut Deshmukh, it will be launched in the next three months.

Online Ordering with Instant Quotation

3D Printing Service Bureau

Above: Online ordering and instant quotation interface/Image Credit: A3DXYZ

In order to simplify the entire process of 3D printing, A3DXYZ has also incorporated an online ordering and instant quotation interface. This feature enables users to easily upload their designs and get an instant quotation for their designs. The interface also shows a 3D image of the design with the ability to rotate the same in 360 degrees.

This gives a good understanding of the design to the user. The instant quotation feature calculates the pricing for the model and displays it on the screen for the users to check.

In addition to this, the user can also make modifications to the uploaded design in terms of scaling the model, altering the dimensions, and also selecting the colour in which the print is to be made.

Once the selection is complete, the user can then add the same to its shopping cart and then checkout with for the payment which is similar to a regular E-commerce website.

The entire process from uploading the design to getting the product delivered is completely easy, fast and user-friendly.

With an optimistic view about the future of his business and the overall industry, Avadhut Deshmukh is aiming to capture as much market as he can and to rise from the city where he started his business to a country-wide reach in the coming year.

About A3DXYZ: A3DXYZ is a Karad, Maharashtra-based 3D printing service bureau founded in 2018. It provides 3D printing services, designing services sells 3D printing accessories and will soon launch its own line of 3D printers. You can follow A3DXYZ on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

(Disclaimer: All the statements and claims in the above article are made by the mentioned company A3DXYZ. The article should not be viewed as a substitute for professional advice. This article does not seek to create any business-client relationship. Manufactur3D does not hold any liability on the claims.)

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