SLM Solutions announced the sale of two SLM AM Systems to a major European Automotive OEM

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SLM Solutions' SLM AM Systems
Above: SLM Solutions’ SLM 500 Metal 3D printer/Source: SLM Solutions Group

SLM Solutions Group AG, an integrated solutions provider and metal additive manufacturing partner, announced today the sale of two additional SLM AM systems to a major European automotive brand. The brand’s fleet now includes over ten SLM Solutions systems. It is made up of several SLM®500s and SLM®280s. The most recent purchases reflect the company’s increased productivity as a result of the systems, and they further cement the two companies’ trust.

The OEM’s fleet is used to manufacture various metal parts for vehicle production. They are used for a variety of tasks, with the primary focus being serial production. The global automotive market is expected to grow steadily over the next decade, reaching around 123 million units in 2030, with the majority of it driven by the shift to electric vehicles, which will further accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing, which allows, among other things, lighter builds required by heavy battery packs and better thermal management to extend battery lifetime.

According to the AMPOWER Report 2022, metal AM system sales to the automotive sector totaled 76 million Euros in 2021 and are expected to more than quadruple to 308 million Euros by 2026. Customers of SLM AM systems can meet these demands by deploying a fleet of SLM®500s. Between 2020 and 2021, SLM Solutions sold twice as many SLM®500s, resulting in a global install base of around 150 machines printing the most complex automotive applications.

“This latest sale is a testament to the quality of our systems and our commitment to making our partners realise their visions. “The productivity and reliability of our systems and the innovation and support of our team make us the go-to with the world’s leading automotive OEMs. These are long-lasting relationships forged from trust and close collaboration as much as they are from metal and lasers.”

– SLM Solutions CEO, Sam O’Leary

SLM Solutions is well-known as the market leader in many commercial firsts, with a focus on increasing productivity through constant innovation in multi-laser technology. The SLM®500, the market’s first quad-laser metal system, can integrate lasers independently or in parallel to increase build rates by 90 percent over twin laser configurations. A closed-loop powder handling strategy with an automated powder sieve and supply separates the machine operator and the powder. The exchangeable build cylinder, designed for serial production, allows for the shortest possible fire to fire times, reducing machine downtime to a bare minimum. The SLM®500 is the most powerful and efficient system in its class.

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