Victrex Commences a Multi-Million Euro Investment in Bond High-Performance 3D Technology

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  • Advancing Additive Manufacturing (AM) processing technology for existing grades of high-performance VICTREX™ PAEK and PEEK-OPTIMA™ polymer
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Victrex, UK-based leaders in PEEK & PAEK-based polymer solutions, commenced a multi-million Euro investment deal with Bond3D, a Dutch 3D printing company. The investment is directed towards providing customers with an accelerated route to market for 3D printed PEEK (polyetheretherketone) & PAEK (polyaryletherketone) parts which will be focussed on using Bond High-Performance 3D Technology for printing parts in PEEK & PAEK materials.

Victrex & Bond High-Performance 3D Technology Collaboration

Bond3D has developed a unique 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing, AM) machinery and software combination which can produce high strength parts from existing grades of high-performance thermoplastics.

By integrating Bond´s 3D processing technology with Victrex´s material application and customer expertise, the common aim is to build on the inherent strength of Victrex´s polymers and set the path to produce functional, & strong parts which contribute to maximising the performance of components.

Speaking about the investment in Bond3D, Jakob Sigurdsson, Victrex CEO explained, “Our investment in Bond´s 3D technology is a logical way to accelerate 3D printed PAEK and PEEK parts to market. We need to ensure that all the key elements, including material, process, and hardware are aligned to fulfill our goal of enabling our customers to manufacture 3D printed PAEK components for critical high-performance applications. We’re now at a stage where the technology is sufficiently developed to embark on exciting development programs.”

Bond´s differentiated 3D technology is capable of printing complex, functional, high strength, isotropic parts with properties comparable to conventional moulded or machined PEEK parts.

PEEK printing has always been one of the major challenges in the use of the high-performing thermoplastics in AM but with Bond and Victex’s combined capabilities this challenge will soon find a viable solution. Initially Victrex and Bond will focus on printing spine and the semiconductor segments using its available materials like PEEK-OPTIMA™ from Invibio Biomaterial Solutions, Victrex’s medical business, or VICTREX™ PAEK thermoplastic.

Talking about the Bond High-Performance 3D Technology CEO Gerald Holtvlüwer said, “We found that the market needs strong functional parts made from high-performance polymers that can be used not only for prototyping but for production. With our dedicated focus on 3D printing technology for high-performance polymers, we were able to develop a technology to achieve the full strength of existing PAEK and PEEK polymers. This includes the strength in the Z-direction, which is the most difficult to achieve with high-performance polymers in general and PEEK in particular.”

He added, “We’re excited to partner with a world leader in PAEK polymer-based solutions. Victrex´s material know-how and their strong marketing and sales activities are a perfect channel to market for us and a complement to our pioneering technology.”

Jakob Sigurdsson summarised the investment by saying, “Collaboration and partnerships are the keys to establishing the necessary supply chain for additive manufactured PAEK parts. After focussing, as part of Innovate UK projects, on new optimized PAEK/PEEK materials, partnering with Bond is the next important stage. Their advanced technical capabilities and ambitious, the innovative culture will help to meet the needs of industries that can benefit from the exceptional material properties PAEK brings, in combination with the manufacturing benefits and freedom that their AM technology offers.”

About Bond High Performance 3D Technology: Founded in 2014, Bond High Performance 3D Technology BV is a Dutch 3D printing company. It has invented and developed a revolutionary printing technology industrial additive manufacturing. The company was founded in December 2014.

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