XYZprinting Augments its Colour 3D Printers with Voice Control

The new Da Vinci Color AiO color 3D printer with voice control
The new Da Vinci Color AiO color 3D printer with voice control
Above: The new Da Vinci Color AiO color 3D printer with voice control/Image Credit: XYZPrinting

XYZprinting added a new voice control feature to its new Da Vinci Color AiO color 3D printer. This feature was fully developed in-house by the company over the last two years. Users can now do much more with this new and exciting feature.

With the popularity of AI bots like Amazon Echo and Google Home, it was about time this technology was adopted by other companies in their tech products. XYZprinting brings the AI bot feature to its latest 3D printer which enables users to talk to directly to the 3D printer. Currently, the service is limited only to the search function but it will be expanded for setting up the print, calibration, status updates and even conducting printer maintenance operations.

This is the first phase of the technology and for this phase, the voice control will only support the search function. So, for example, if a user wants to print a dice, he just needs to say it and the printer will search for a file in the XYZ 3D gallery. It will then put out all the relevant files out for the user on the gallery for a final choice.

“The 3D printing industry is working together to utilize additive manufacturing’s advantages to better our lives and benefit the consumer’s product usage cycle,” Frank Peng, Associate Manager-U.S. said. He added, “So ideally what this means for voice recognition is that a car company like Ford can keep a digital inventory of their parts and users can give a command of “search a 1999 Ford radio tuner for my car,” and the part can easily be located and printed.”

The Da Vinci Color AiO uses a spray technology (called as Inkjet Technology) to inject colour into the hot filament while printing. This enables a colour print in this Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) printer. This printer will cost $3800 while the filament will cost $35 and Ink will cost $65.


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