Experts Q&A: Interview with Swapnil Sansare, Founder of Div-by-Zero Technologies – a Leading 3D Printer Manufacturer in India

Swapnil Sansare
3D Printed Jigs & Fixtures
Above: Swapnil Sansare, Founder of Divide by Zero Technologies. Divide by Zero Technologies is leading 3D printer manufacturer in India/Image Credit: Divide by Zero Technologies

Swapnil Sansare is the Founder of Divide By Zero Technologies, a leading 3D printer manufacturer from India. With nearly a decade of hands-on experience in the 3D printing technology and seven years in 3D printing business, Swapnil is one of the experienced executives in the Additive Manufacturing (AM) Industry of India.
In an exclusive interview with Manufactur3D Magazine, Swapnil speaks about the company’s patented technology, shares his valuable insights on India’s 3D printer manufacturers’ market, India’s 3D printing business scenario, how his company has been coping with the challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic and much more.

Q Can you please provide a brief description of your company Divide By Zero Technologies?

Divide By Zero, as the name implicates, is the vision of a company where infinity meets passion. We work on the principles of breaking the status quo that is locked and archived by the codes set by universities and industries trying to outrun each other. No, we don’t believe in running a race where we cannot trace and measure societal growth. Instead, we believe in outperforming the competition with ourselves. We are a team of highly motivated tech enthusiasts that believe in challenging the current state of affairs by building easy to use sustainable products that would drive the innovation for the world at large. We accomplish this by developing manufacturing products that are of world standard, recognized, and valued for yielding high productivity. We happen to make innovative products with 3D Printing.


How does your patented AFPM technology work?

3D Printer ManufacturerAbove: Aion 500 Mk3 FDM 3D Printer/Image Source: Divide by Zero Technologies

AFPM, or Advanced Fusion Plastic Molding, is a breakthrough innovation involving the sheer amalgamation of 3D Printing, Material Engineering, and Software Development. The concept of AFPM lies in two aspects – Material Flow Rate and Temperature Variation. AFPM automatically controls temperature and material flow in variable layers of printing, which will give you faster productivity without compromising on product strength and surface finish. Because of the breakthrough innovation in software development, you will see the automatic flow orientation and selective temperature alteration giving you high precision high accuracy finished products.

Q Can you share how you and your company are battling the downturn caused by Covid-19?

Since the announcement of lockdown in the country, we witnessed a surge in demand for our 3D printers in applications for tooling, sheet metal forming, fixtures, and small-batch manufactured end-use parts. Besides, we did manage to produce and deliver 1.5 lakh 3D printed face shields, 350+ ventilator components, and 650+ UVC disinfection boxes & UVC robots. Also, we dispatched 25000 3D printed PPEs to the Indian Army. The majority of these components were 3D printed using DBZ 3D printers. These UVC disinfectant boxes can be widely used by individuals as well as at an organizational level, especially by banks. These disinfection boxes are useful for disinfecting cash, incoming courier parcels, reusable masks, wallets, mobile phones, etc.

3D Printing Business
Above: UV Lamp Robot/Image Credit: Divide By Zero

Q While we see a large influx of 3D printer manufacturing companies in India, we hardly see any Made-in-India 3D printing software companies. Where do you think we lack?

We believe that there is a significant gap in synergy and communication between 3D printer manufacturers when it comes to building compatible software. Every manufacturer uses its software protocols, built for a particular machine. As a result, it makes building universal machines on common platforms challenging. Also, 3D printer manufacturers need to think and innovate on a centralized, automated distributed manufacturing system where systems can decode instructions from one single software platform.

Q What are some of the potential barriers that hamper the expansion of 3D printer manufacturers in India?

Economies are driven by two factors – demand and supply, and one cannot exist without the presence of the other. As you must be aware, market equilibrium is the point where demand equals supply. The largest potential barrier that is hampering the expansion of 3D printer manufacturers or 3D printers in India at large is the lack of technology awareness. Although companies are doing their best to promote their 3D Printers, a handful of 3D printer ambassadors are discussing the plethora of hidden possibilities that are associated with 3D Printing business, and not just cost savings.  Moreover, the government needs to intervene and launch 3D printing technology awareness campaigns on a large scale boosting the Indian manufacturing industry.

Q What does the future look like for Divide by Zero Technologies in terms of new products?

Celebrating our 7th anniversary of relentless pursuit in delivering 700+ success stories, we are super excited to launch our new vision and mission. Aiming to accelerate the world’s advanced manufacturing division, we are coming up with innovative sustainable solutions that would empower value creation and growth for all. We are aiming to become the most loved tech company that would deliver beyond consumer expectations by offering them unmatched values. Currently, we are coming up with newer upgrades for existing customers and state of the art new features in our machines by mid-October.

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