Rever Industries Launches PLA Carbon FibReel, Engineering Grade Carbon–Fibre Filament

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Rever Industries, an Indian 3D printing filament manufacturer from Nashik, Maharashtra, has launched Carbon FibReel Filament – a new engineering grade filament. The company unveiled its first filament in the upcoming series, PLA infused Carbon-fibre.

The new 3D printing filament is ideal for manufacturing frames, supports, outer shells, tools, connecting rods, etc. Basically, it is targeted towards high-strength and high-stiffness applications where high strength and stiffness is important.

This is a second material launch by Rever Industries in less than a month. In the last month itself, the company launched FabSilk filament.

What is Carbon FibReel?

PLA Carbon FibReel 3D Printing Filament

Above: PLA Carbon FibReel filament with a sample print/Image Credit: Rever Industries

Carbon FibReel is a line of engineering-grade carbon fibre 3D printing filaments designed for industrial use. Reinforced with high-modulus carbon fibre, these filaments will provide a high strength-to-weight ratio, offering advanced structural rigidity without extra weight.

Carbon FibReel 3D printing filament prints beautifully while reducing the warpage issues usually associated with carbon-fibre filaments. It exhibits superior chemical and thermal resistance, electrical insulating properties, and an aesthetically appealing semi-matte graphite finish.

It is specifically designed for engineers who demand durability and high performance. The Carbon FibReel series is superb for prototypes and production parts.


While speaking about the launch of Carbon Fibreel series, Suyog Vispute, Partner at Rever Industries said, “It’s important not to get confused, or have unrealistic expectations about the new filament. Carbon fibre filament is not the same as the carbon fibre you might expect to find in high-performance race cars or aircraft. The processes, materials used and the design are all completely different. Typical fibre-based composites are large, long sheets of woven fibres sealed in a tough epoxy-based resin, not a re-meltable thermoplastic (like filaments are).”

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Carbon FibReel Properties & Print Settings

The properties of PLA carbon fibre filament include incredible strength to weight ratio, rigidity, good tensile strength and resistance to corrosion and fatigue. The first product in this line is a PLA infused carbon fibre filament. We take a look at the print settings for this material.

PLA Carbon FibReel 3D Printing Filament

Above: Hindu God Ganesh 3D printed in PLA Carbon FibReel/Image Credit: Rever Industries

PLA Carbon FibReel

  • Printing Temp: 210 – 220 °C
  • Recommended Printing Speed: 50 – 60 mm/s
  • Recommended Layer Height: 0.2mm (0.5/0.6 mm hardened steel nozzle recommended)
  • Heated Bed: Not required but can be used (up to 60 °C)

The filament has a 1.75 mm diameter and will be packed in a 1 kg net weight pack, and will only be available in black colour.

As per the company, this material can be effectively used for industrial prototyping, functional parts, IoT enclosures, frames, and supports, etc.

The product is tested OK and ready with already a few fulfilled orders to existing clients. The filament is now available for sale for all consumers and can be easily ordered online through Facebook store or via its distributors across India.

PLA Carbon FibReel 3D printing filament starts from Rs. 2500 per kilogram. The

The company launched the series with one of the most popular materials PLA Carbon FibReel. The series will soon see a launch of similar materials infused with carbon fibre.

About Rever Industries:

Rever Industries is a Nashik-based 3D printing filament manufacturing company founded in 2017. It develops filaments for FDM 3D printing and has a quite a wide range of materials to offer to its clients.

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