Xaar to Produce New High-viscosity Inkjet 3D Printing Printheads

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Xaar to Produce New High-viscosity Inkjet 3D Printing Printheads

Xaar to Manufacture Quantica’s high-viscosity Inkjet 3D Printing printheads. Even though Stratasys bought Xaar’s Inkjet 3D Printing Printheads division for its high speed sintering technology, the British inkjet printhead producer is still in the AM industry. It has now found a commercial producer for its ultra-high viscosity inkjet printheads in the form of Quantica, a promising German company.

With their innovative NovoJet Inkjet 3D Printing Printheads, which solve problems with conventional inkjet printing, Quantica has quickly become one of the most interesting new firms in the industry. This means that resins 15 times more viscous than those used by industry leaders like Mimaki and Stratasys may be printed. This opens up the possibility of using a wide variety of materials, from those suitable for prototype to those that can be used in the real world.

Xaar Produces Inkjet 3D Printing Printheads

Quantica debuted a laboratory system before releasing the NovoJet C-7, a home Inkjet 3D Printing Printheads. After then, the company secured €14M in funding through a Series A fundraising transaction. Xaar will now mass-produce NovoJet printheads in Huntingdon for use in Quantica’s first 3D printers, scheduled for release by year’s end 2023.

Quantica’s Chief Technology Officer Ramon Borrell elaborated on the significance of the relationship, saying, “Our objective is to provide clients the entire flexibility of manufacturing. We have complete faith that Xaar’s printheads will deliver for our clients and partners, and this arrangement allows us to focus on delivering the roadmap of new NovoJet 3D printers for high performance multi-material components.

Xaar to Produce New High-viscosity Inkjet 3D Printing Printheads

The new company’s intellectual property will also be made accessible to Xaar for commercial use. The ImagineX portfolio from Xaar is capable of dispensing materials with a cP value of up to 100, whilst the NovoJet system is capable of jetting chemicals with a cP value of up to 400. As a direct consequence of this development, the partners assert that they “will now offer the widest capability in printing high-performance materials to its OEM customers.”

“Our partnership with Quantica is a win- win for both of our businesses,” stated Graham Tweedale, COO of Xaar. Xaar will have the most comprehensive selection of options for jetting very viscous materials because to the integration of Quantica’s IP with our current ImagineX technology. Our experience in producing extremely strong and dependable printheads allows Quantica to put its whole attention on marketing their NovoJet 3D printers.

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Future of the Printheads

Those who work in the additive manufacturing business are well aware that the future of Stratasys, the company that now holds the leadership position in the sector’s inkjet market, is rather questionable at the moment to create Inkjet 3D Printing Printheads. As the circumstances around the firm become clearer, there will be a requirement for the emergence of a formidable rival in the inkjet area and beyond. Inkjet 3D Printing Printheads is the new future.

Although Mimaki possesses an outstanding system and 3D Systems possesses its own inkjet technology, we have not yet come across anything comparable to that of Quantica, which is capable of going far further than what is now available. The only other potential competitor is Inkbit, which is able to dispense materials with a higher viscosity. Those companies may need to check behind them to ensure that a larger corporate entity is not eyeing them with the intention of challenging Stratasys’s leadership position in the sector.

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