3D Nation chooses AMFG’s MES software to optimise its Additive Manufacturing capability

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3D Nation to optimise its Additive Manufacturing capability
3D Nation to optimise its Additive Manufacturing capability/Source: AMFG

AMFG, a leading provider of manufacturing MES software, announced that 3D Nation, a 3D printing service provider, has chosen to optimise its Additive Manufacturing capability with AMFG’s award-winning MES software.

3D Nation intends to use AMFG software to continue its rapid development and expansion, with MES solutions serving as a key tool for future growth. AMFG became another appealing addition to the 3D Nation toolkit, as the benefits applicable to the 3D Nation team translate into tangible customer benefits, resulting in increased quality assurances.

3D Nation Optimising Additive Manufacturing capability

The desire to capitalise on their growth and ensure the proper provision of expertise is driving 3D Nation’s desire to partner with AMFG. The MES software’s Instant Quotation feature significantly reduces the time spent on individual, manual quoting. As a result, engineers are free to focus on the more specialised aspects of their job.

With expanding end-of-use production facilities equipped with a variety of SLA, SLS, and FDM printers, 3D Nation is attempting to capitalise on its expansion ethos while delivering the highest quality results for customers. The adoption of AMFG’s MES software, particularly the Instant Quote feature embedded in the Ordering Portal, has enabled 3D Nation to continue its evolution, from a focus on B2C designs and spare parts for antique cars to a presence in the automotive sector and a focus on larger scale engineering projects.

Engineers are not the only employees who will benefit from the incorporation of AMFG’s software into day-to-day operations. Machine operators will have a complete overview of operations thanks to the portal’s back end. This increased visibility will result in smoother quality assurance processes, allowing 3D Nation to accept a greater number of orders within their production parameters. Customers can track the progress of their orders using real-time order updates, in addition to having a bird’s eye view of production operations available to engineers and machinists.

“Partnering with AMFG is a strategic move that aligns perfectly with 3D Nation’s ethos of innovation, customer satisfaction, and scalable growth. The integration of AMFG’s MES software into our operations is more than a technological upgrade; it’s a transformative leap that allows us to deliver unparalleled quality and efficiency to our clients.”

– Jon Yates, Managing Director of 3D Nation

Having a better understanding of production is expected to increase and improve 3D Nation’s ability to handle large repeat orders as well as those concerned with mass production of parts.

The Instant Quote software is programmed with 3D Nation’s unique production parameters, which are supported by their range of machines. As a result, the software employs algorithms to ensure that the proper pricing structure is seamlessly implemented, eliminating the need for individual quoting calculations.

Commenting on the new partnership between the two companies, which was hastened by an onboarding process of only 2 weeks,  AMFG’s Head of Implementation Rohan Graham captured the excitement: ‘We are delighted to play a part in 3D Nation’s growth, and firmly believe our software will enable them to reach their goal of continuous growth, whilst enabling them to continuously deliver a premium service’.

In addition to the production parameters being unique to 3D Nation, Cedric Vazquez Boo and Jon Yates, managing director of 3D Nation, identified another benefit of AMFG. The fully customizable console can incorporate individual machine parameters and be seamlessly integrated into 3D Nation’s website, complete with company branding. Customers can now upload CAD files directly to the company website, shortening the time it takes from inquiry to production start – critical for a company that prides itself on its prototyping capabilities and proven ability to handle large-scale orders.

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