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3D PRINTING EVENT UPDATE: Highlights from the 3DPRINTEXPO-2018 and Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing & 3D Printing Conference

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The recently concluded 3DPRINTEXPO-2018 and Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing & Additive Manufacturing Conference in New Delhi saw a participation of hundreds of visitors, where they met a great roster of speakers, and exhibitors that were exhibiting from across India and world.

From the 3DPRINTEXPO-2018 Exhibitors’ Booth

The 3DPRINTEXPO-2018 saw a participation of more than twenty companies who were exhibiting their products at the expo. Some of the companies that showcased their products or services at the Expo included ExOne – a global leader in additive manufacturing technology, providing industrial 3D printing systems and services, World of Liliputs (WOL-3D), Adroitec Information Systems, Metalon, Proxbotics and others.

The 3D PRINTEXPO-2018 also some new product launches. For example, Rever Industries and SolidSpace – two Maharashtra-based 3D printing filament manufacturers unveiled two new products at the 3D PRINTEXPO – 2018. Rever Industries (Fibreel) launched a new FDM filament – FabSilk whereas SolidSpace launched an eco-friendly spool less filament refill.

FabSilk 3D Printing Filament

Above: The newly launched FabSilk filament from Rever Industries/Image Credit: Rever Industries

While speaking to Manufactur3D Magazine about the features of the new filament, Suyog Vispute Partner at Rever Industries, said “the FabSilk gives a smooth surface finish and a shiny lustre which will attract enthusiasts to use it for their projects”.

On the other hand, SolidSpace launched a new eco-friendly spool-less filament refill. This refill can be directly loaded onto the existing pool simply by removing a couple of screws. This greatly helps in reducing the use of plastic spools every time a new spool is required. By taking this initiative, the company is also promoting an eco-friendly approach to lessen the plastic waste.

Learning from the Professionals about Industry 4.0

Some of the invited speakers also spoke about Industry 4.0 and on the opportunities that industry 4.0, smart manufacturing and additive manufacturing can bring to the manufacturing companies in the future.  They also highlighted the challenges that companies need to overcome to realise the full potential and gain maximum benefits of the technologies such as 3D printing offer. For example, speaking about the benefits that Industry 4.0 can offer to companies, Sandeep Aggarwal, CEO of ProBizz Inc., a management consulting company in India said, “Industry 4.0 offers numerous benefits to companies such as improving processes, more efficient operation and less wasted materials”.

Speaking about the challenges of Industry 4.0, Aggarwal stated that there are various barriers that hinder manufacturing companies transform their companies so as to explore the full potential of Industry 4.0. Some of these include resistance from employees, high costs involved and others.

“It is necessary that the manufacturing companies focus more on customer needs, identify the technologies that help to meet their customer needs as a way to move forward”, Aggarwal added.

Additionally, empowering employees and starting with a small pilot project is the key for traditional manufacturing companies to transform their businesses and address the challenges that Industry 4.0 presents to the manufacturing industries, concluded Aggarwal.

Apart from Mr. Aggarwal, there were also some other industry experts who provided their valuable insights on Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

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