BCN3D Delivers 400 3D Printed Face Shields to Protect Medical Workers in Hospitals from the Covid-19 Crisis

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BCN3D plans to print 2000 more face shields in the coming days


Above: BCN3D has distributed 400 3D printed face shields to more than 11 Spanish hospitals/Image Credit: BCN3D

BCN3D, a manufacturer of 3D printers based in Barcelona, Spain, has devoted all its technological and manufacturing capabilities, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, to help doctors and healthcare workers to print the necessary parts via its 3D printing farm. The parts will be distributed in all cities of Spain and, if necessary, in other parts of the world. It plans to print 2000 more face shields in the coming days.

Photos and videos of face shields 3D printed by BCN3D are shared on its GOOGLE DRIVE

The lack of protective equipment for assistants, nurses, doctors, intensivists and other medical workers in Spain and all of Europe and other countries is exposing healthcare workers to increased risk of infection, which in turn endangers patients, who could be infected by doctors or nurses from the Covid-19.

Faced with this extraordinary pandemic situation, the professionals at BCN3D, a Barcelona-based manufacturer of desktop 3D printers, have turned to help. More than 50 employees are turning to fulfil the campaign of BCN3D “We are here to help” in which its Farm of 63 3D printers to print face shields to the Hospitals, and Administrations and that are endorsed with scientific rigor to fight the Covid-19.

In the last few days, more than fifty hospitals and primary care centres in the province of Barcelona and other areas of Catalonia and other regions in Spain have responded to this campaign by requesting masks or protective visors like face shields for the health workers. Since last week, BCN3D’s 3D printing farm has been printing 3D protective visors that are fastened with a transparent acetate screen and a rubber back fixture. BCN3D has already distributed 400 3D face shields to the following Spanish hospitals:

  • Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona (60 face shields)
  • Hospital Germans Trias I Pujol de Badalona (Can Ruti) (50 face shields)
  • Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Sant Boi de Llobregat (30 face shields)
  • Hospital Antoni Lleuger de Gimbernat de Cambrils (30 face shields)
  • CAP Roquetas de Barcelona (30 face shields)
  • CAP Río de Janeiro de Barcelona (40 face shields) (first photo in this release)
  • Hospital de Viladecans (15 face shields)
  • Hospital Virgen de Los Lirios de Alcoy (Alicante) (50 face shields)
  • Hospital de Granollers (45 face shields)
  • CUAP Castelldefels (30 face shields)
  • Clínica Tomás Boix de Olot (Girona) (15 face shields)

A total of 2,000 face shields are expected to be delivered in the next few days. Each one of the printed visors has been validated by the hospital centres so that they can be reused.

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The first design has been validated by hospitals and these have assured BCN3D that the 3D printed models meet the safety criteria so that they can be reused (they are disinfected daily with geek + water and soap). For example, among the specialists who will use the 3D printed face shields with the protective screen are radiotherapists who perform chest X-rays, among other specialists.

Among the centres that have received the material, the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona stands out, which is committed to being an innovative health centre and has played a role in coordinating, supporting and validating the BCN3D’s protective face screen model as a safety measure against coronavirus infection.

Arnau Valls, the coordinator of the 3D printing unit of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona, highlights that “in the current situation, in which adult or general hospitals are treating the highest volume of patients by COVID-19, our role is to support and collaborate with all our means in the management of the coronavirus crisis, in this case, from the innovation in 3D printing of medical material”.

Any need that may arise in hospitals in Catalonia and the rest of Spain and Europe will be managed through the form in the following email


BCN3D, as part of the 3D printing platform, to help hospitals in their fight against the current pandemic is organizing with the CIM Foundation of the UPC and other companies in the sector to manage and assess the shipment of 3D printed protection parts for the medical sector.

New BCN3D Landing page 3D printing against Covid-19

Besides, BCN3D has prepared on its website a new form to manage all initiatives in Spain and the rest of the world of 3D desktop printing that wishes to contribute to the project of 3D printing parts for hospital use and will centralize all requests from the Homepage. In recent years and as a fundamental part of accompanying creators to boost their innovation, BCN3D has positioned itself as a trusted partner to help in medical processes and with patients by making its 3D printing technology available.

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