Dazz 3D Launches Kickstarter Campaign for the Most Advanced LCD SLA 3D Printer; 100% Funded in 30 Minutes

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Dazz 3D Printer

Above: The Dazz 3D LCD 3D Printer/Image Credit: Dazzle Laser Forming Technology Co. Ltd.

China-based Dazzle Laser Forming Technology Co. Ltd. has launched a kickstarter campaign for its Dazz 3D LCD 3D printer, a professional grade printer with 2K LCD panel and dual-liner slides. These features of the 3D printer allow for a more detailed, dimensionally accurate and structurally robust model at an affordable price.

Designed with consumers in mind, the Dazz 3D LCD 3D printer contains some unique features for an easier, user-friendly 3D printing experience. These feature include advanced systems such as an air-purification system, automatic resin refill, deluxe 7” Touchscreen control, and wireless connection

The Features of New Dazz 3D LCD 3D Printer in a Nutshell

3D printer

Above: Features of the Dazz 3D LCD 3D Printer in a Nutshell/Image Credit: Dazzle Laser Forming Technology Co. Ltd

The Unique Features of the New Dazz 3D LCD 3D Printer

The new Dazz 3D LCD SLA 3D Printer comes with a layer resolution capability of up to 25 microns, XY Resolution of 47µm, and Z resolution of 10µm. In addition, also has a light rate of 3.8 times faster than normal light-cured resin 3D printer. This feature allows a printing speed of around 36mm/hour.

Apart from featuring high resolution and faster print speeds, the 3D printer also features unique dual-liner slides. These slides are designed exclusively to eliminate wobbling, which in turn help to create highly precise 3D models with an ultra-smooth surface.

Advanced Features of the new Dazz 3D LCD 3D Printer

In addition to the features above, the new Dazz 3D LCD 3D printer also contains some highly advanced features such as an air-purification system, an auto resin system, intuitive control system and an auto resin wiper.

Air-Purification System: The Air-purification system includes a low-speed fan and an activated carbon filter to remove ultra-fine particles and unpleasant fumes for a healthier printing environment

3D printer

Above: The Air Purification System at work/Image Credit: Dazzle Laser Forming Technology Co. Ltd

Auto Resin System: You simply need to put 1 bottle of resin upside down into Dazz 3D and that’s all! The resin refills automatically as needed when printing large models

3D printer

Above: Resin bottle kept upside down in the 3D printer/Image Credit: Dazzle Laser Forming Technology Co. Ltd

Intuitive Control: The new 3D printer features a deluxe 7” touchscreen monitor on the body. This intuitive control allows users to change print settings & track printing status anytime with just a simple touch control

3D printer

Above: The 7” Intuitive Control/Image Credit: Dazzle Laser Forming Technology Co. Ltd

Auto Resin Wiper: The auto resin wiper works automatically right from beginning of print job through completion and helps to eliminate particulates and improves print consistency and quality

Affordable, High Quality Liquid Resins

Dazz 3D Printer

Above: The Six types of Resins/Image Credit: Dazzle Laser Forming Technology Co. Ltd

The all new Dazz 3D LCD 3D printer also comes with high quality and affordable liquid resins. The company has created six types of high-precision resins for Dazz 3D users. These include the Dazz 3D-LC09, the Dazz 3D-W1, Dazz 3D-F20, the Dazz 3D-WG5 resin, Dazz 3D-HT3, and Dazz 3D-EC08. Each of these resins has unique features that help in creating prototypes and models that can be used across a range of industries.

Dazz 3D-LC09 | Unbeatable Price:

Create models with outstanding performance and excellent details without sacrificing the strength

Dazz 3D-W1 | Nasty Free

This resin is water cleanable and safer for kids to use.

Dazz 3D-F20 | 3D Sculpting

The Dazz 3D-F20 resin prints smoothly and precisely. These features of the resin make it ideal for use in portrait and prototype applications.

Dazz 3D-WG5 | Rigid

The Dazz 3D-WG5 features high resistance to deformation, high rigidity and polished finish. Performs well in printing prototypes, portraits, and dentistry models.

Dazz 3D-HT3 | High Temperature

The Dazz 3D-HT3 withstands heat deflection temperature (HDT) of 180 °C. This feature of the resin makes it ideal for use in hot and cold molding for environmental testing, production processes and dental practices.

Dazz 3D-EC09 | Jewelry Design

The Dazz 3D-EC08 resin is a castable wax resin, which offers smooth stereolithography surfaces and is best resin to use in jewelry making.

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