Empowering Businesses to Build Sustainable Growth with 3D Printing

FDM 3D Printer
FDM 3D Printer
Above: S5 Pro Bundle & S3 desktop FDM 3D Printers/Image Credit: Ultimaker

Touted as one of the key pillars of Industry 4.0, 3D printing technology is now an essential part of progressive business solutions and processes. It is where IT merges with manufacturing, culminating in digital manufacturing.

Businesses that have adopted 3D printing, have reported a reduction in costs by as much as 90% and a decrease in delivery time by as much as 90% too. This means that employees can use their time to focus on the work that matters on hand. For the case of the research and development (R&D) team, it means the ability to produce rapid prototypes and developing newer methods of manufacturing, new materials, and even new processes.

Global surveys have shown that 3D printing is used being extensively in the automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, construction, and healthcare sectors to deliver significant improvements over the existing processes. Prototype improvement and innovations are two key areas where 3D printing makes a strong case for itself.


Above: 3D printing carbon fibre tools in professional motorsports through Ultimaker/Video Credit: Ultimaker FDM 3D printers/YouTube

Van Amersfoort Racing, the Dutch racing team that competes in Formula 3 and Formula 4, recently faced a unique problem that could have cost them to pull out of the Formula races but the timely decision to incorporate 3D printing helped them safely cross the finish line.

The team needed tools to make sure its vehicle was race-ready but they needed customised tools for the same. A task that would have taken months, was reduced to just a couple of days thanks to 3D printing technology.

The team incorporated an S5 FDM 3D printer from Ultimaker to rapidly manufacture necessary tools and worked on the racing car to fine-tune it to the track.

Speaking about its saviour – 3D printing technology, Remco Advocaat, Technical Director of Van Amersfoort Racing’s Formula 3 team said, “We could manufacture tools in just two days. And that’s something we never could do before with metal manufacturing. Due to the significant size of our F3 and F4 car fleet, the amount of 3D printed applications is enormous. I can imagine that large companies such as car manufacturers can produce many tools with 3D printing.”


FFF 3D Printer
Above: Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle is perfect for an office as well as factory environment/Image Credit Ultimaker

Ultimaker is one of the industry leaders in professional desktop FDM 3D printers. Their 3D printers have travelled the world over and received overwhelmingly positive responses. Ultimaker’s latest offering s also its most powerful product to date – the S5 Pro Bundle and the S3 FDM 3D printer developed to empower designers, engineers, and scientists with these capabilities in mind.

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle comprises of the award-winning Ultimaker S5, the Material Station and the Air Manager.

It offers the entire ecosystem to help professionals focus on the most important job at hand and not engross themselves in the non-productive work ensuring that the systems run efficiently. The material station and air manager are such important accessories that make the S5 Pro Bundle the most sophisticated desktop FDM 3D printer in the world.

The Ultimaker S3 is a smaller sized 3D printer compared to the S5 but still sufficiently powerful. It delivers high-quality, composite-ready performance, in a small footprint, and can be effectively used for product research or development, while the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle can be used to print more objects of varying materials, without air quality concerns. This frees up the other printers and streamlines the product development process, reducing the time to market.


FDM 3D printer
Above: Novabeans offer on S5 Pro Bundle and S3 3D printers/Image Credit: Novabeans

The range of industries encompassed by the 3D printing technology is unmatched. It is a technology suited and required by every industry, company, and even individual plants. The current COVID-19 crisis makes 3D printer all the more relevant and the need of the hour.

Novabeans, the exclusive partner of Ultimaker in India, has been one of the strongest proponents of the technology in India and has already supplied S5 & S3 FDM 3D printers to multiple industries across India.

Considering the current crisis, Novabeans offers a special promotion to empower more businesses to get started on their journey towards sustainable business growth and existing users to scale up their operations more efficiently and effectively. For more information, please contact the team at

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