Monoprice MP Voxel 3D Printer – Features & Specs Review 2019

Monoprice MP Voxel 3D Printer

The entry-level Monoprice MP Voxel FDM/FFF 3D Printer comes with a variety of features to enhance the user 3D printing experience

Monoprice MP Voxel 3D Printer
Above: Monoprice MP Voxel 3D Printer/Image Credit: Monoprice

Monoprice is a known name in the budget 3D printer market. The Monoprice Select Mini & the Monoprice Delta Mini 3D printers are two of its fastest selling and most popular 3D printers apart from a few others.

While the budget 3D printer market competition is heating up with all new 3D printers fitted with features previously restricted to premium 3D printers, Monoprice MP Voxel, an FDM/FFF 3D printer, released last year, also enters the fray with its own set of premium features. The sub-$400 3D printer is a rebadged version of Flashforge Adventure 3 3D printer.

Let us have a look at the specifications and features of the Monoprice MP Voxel 3D Printer.


Brand: Monoprice

Technology: FDM/FFF 3D Printing Technology

Build Volume: 150 x 150 x 150 mm

Layer Resolution: 0.05 – 0.4 mm

Build Accuracy: ±0.2mm

Print Speed: 10 ~ 100 mm/second

Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm

Filament Size: 1.75mm

Internal Memory: 8GB

Software: MP FlashPrint

Connectivity: USB, WiFi, Ethernet


We have listed below several of the most prominent features of the Monoprice MP Voxel 3D Printer.

Monoprice MP Voxel 3D Printer
Above: Monoprice MP Voxel 3D printer features/Image Credit: Monoprice

  1. Heated Bed

Monoprice MP Voxel 3D printer comes with a heated bed. Nowadays this feature is getting common in the budget printer market. Essentially useful in case of printing with more professional filaments like ABS. The bed can be heated up to 60°C.

  1. Enclosure

Monoprice MP Voxel comes with an enclosure which is a fresh outlook to budget 3D printers. It is highly helpful for prints which require stable temperature during the course of its printing. It will especially be useful while printing with ABS.

  1. Assisted Levelling

Assisted bed levelling helps in quickly setting up the print bed for print. It helps to do away with the strenuous task enhancing the user experience.

  1. Polar Cloud™ Enabled

The MP Voxel comes with a Polar Cloud enabled straight out of the box, which means users can control your 3D printer from anywhere with an internet connection, connect and manage multiple printers at once, queue print jobs, slice models, access unique educational curriculum, and even check in on how your print is doing with the built-in webcam.

  1. Removable-Flexible Build Plate

The 3D printer comes with a removable and flexible build plate. Sometimes print removal leads to minor injuries as users scrap the bottom of the print with sharp scrappers. This can be easily avoided by a removable-flexible build plate. A simple twist of the plate will pop-out the print.

  1. Filament run-out Sensor

Monoprice MP Voxel is installed with a filament run-out sensor which will identify when the filament is running low and this will pause the ongoing print and will resume when the material is reloaded.

  1. Quick Change Nozzle

Nozzle changing is a tedious task, although not a regular one. Monoprice MP Voxel 3D printer boasts of a quick change nozzle which allows for a quick nozzle change in mere seconds albeit many budget printers which require 20-30 minutes for the same operation.


Monoprice MP Voxel 3D printer comes with a mixed bag of features. Some of its notable drawbacks are the build size, which is pretty average and low maximum heated bed temperature.


Monoprice MP Voxel 3D Printer
Above: Monoprice MP Voxel is a budget 3D printer with a mixed set of features/Image Credit: Monoprice

Considering the features and drawbacks, it can be safe to say that it is a mixed bag. While the noted feature is very good the drawbacks will hold the printer from becoming a quick-seller. This printer is good for kids, new users and enthusiasts as it offers easy operation and exciting features to enhance the printing experience but it may not attract the hobbyists and other users who look to use this printer for creating projects prototypes and similar applications.

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