SprintRay Releases Three Innovative Dental 3D Printing Products

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dental 3D printing

Above: Full product family including SprintRay Pro95 and Pro55 3D printers, Pro Wash/Dry, SprintRay Cure, and Dashboard 2.0./Image Source: SprintRay

SprintRay, a leader in the dental 3D printing space, announced three new and innovative products catering to the dental 3D printing market. All the three products target various pain points, identified by SprintRay research, to simplify the dental workflows.

  • SprintRay Pro Wash/Dry
  • SprintRay Dashboard 2.0 with Design Services
  • SprintRay Pro 55 3D Printer

Speaking at the launch, Amir Mansouri, CEO of SprintRay said, “Each of these products means so much to us. Some of them have been in the works for years, and each of them represents a different, critical step toward SprintRay’s goal of creating a truly Frictionless Workflow for dental professionals.”


dental 3D printing

Above: SprintRay Pro Wash & Dry System/Image Source: SprintRay

SprintRay Pro Wash/Dry provides an advanced multi-stage automated wash system. It is a set-it-and-forget-it washing workflow that operates with incredible efficiency. It leverages Mechanical Jetting, a patented solvent agitation method, to wash 3D printed parts with just 500mL of solvent per chamber. Two separate solvent reservoirs ensure that a rough and fine wash are performed with each cycle.

Thanks to advanced electronics, Pro Wash/Dry users can begin the wash process and walk away, letting the automated system perform a 2-stage wash and dry in just ten minutes. Solvent management is made simple with pre-calibrated hydrometers that notify the user when it’s time to replace solvent. The can significantly and sustainably optimise the dental 3D printing workflow.

Pro Wash/Dry is available for preorder now. Shipping in early 2021.


dental 3D printing

Above: SprintRay Dashboard 2.0 – A design and treatment management software/Image Source: SprintRay

SprintRay is launching Dashboard 2.0 – A cloud-based design and treatment management software allows clinicians to seamlessly order and print appliances for treatment. The dashboard removes multiple pain points slowing down the dental 3D printing workflow.

Dashboard 2.0 features a user-friendly interface that works with doctor’s right from the planning stage and uploading patient data, to 3D printing it and live monitoring the printing process and while communicating with experts.

SprintRay Dashboard 2.0 will be available in late 2020, with design services for occlusal guards and smile design.

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dental 3D printing

Above: SprintRay Pro55 is a dental 3D printer/Image Source: SprintRay

SprintRay added a new SprintRay Pro55 dental 3D printing system to its range of 3D printers. It is focused on delivering parts for treatments requiring the finest of margins. It has a 55-micron XY resolution and pixel toning making it perfect for jobs that require razor-thin margins such as temporary and definitive crowns, hybrid dentures, and more. It is ideal for direct restorative work, hybrid implant dentures, cast applications, and more. 

You can preorder the SprintRay Pro55 Here

About SprintRay

SprintRay is a leader in the dental 3D printing space, combining user-friendly design with highly functional tools for in-office production. The company sets itself apart with total alignment around one goal: to help dental professionals use 3D printing to revolutionize dentistry.

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