ACCIONA Inaugurates New Global 3D Printing Centre in Dubai

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The “Dubai 3D Printing Strategy” requires 25% of new buildings’ components to be manufactured with 3D technology by 2025

Acciona launches Global 3D Printing Centre in Dubai
Above: Acciona launches Global 3D Printing Centre in Dubai/Image Source: Acciona

The last couple of years have seen substantial technological advancements in the additive manufacturing technology bringing increased cost and time savings with efficient operations and delivering more value for the entire supply chain. The business case has been fortified and thus the GCC region is experiencing a rapid rise in adoption of 3D printing in construction.

Global 3D Printing Centre

ACCIONA took a step in the same direction and built its new facility. ACCIONA’s new global 3D printing centre is the culmination of an internal development process in the Innovation area starting in 2016, which has enabled the technology to be fine-tuned for commercial use.

This new facility feature the world’s largest operational 3D printer using Powder Bed technology. This technology is particularly suitable for generating highly resistant structural parts. In addition, the technique uses concrete as base material, which renders it an ideal solution for architectural, urban and building applications.

Concrete 3D Printing
Above: ACCIONA Global 3D Printing Centre in UAE

This 3D printer measures 6x3x2 meters in size and allows greater efficiency and automation to the construction industry. The 3D printing technology offers unprecedented freedom to architectural designs thus enabling engineers to create and recreate new and heritage structures and even replicas from their digital copies, which enables the public to contemplate identical reproductions.

ACCIONA’s new production facility is the culmination of an internal development process in the Innovation area starting in 2016, which has enabled the technology to be fine-tuned for commercial use.

The “Dubai 3D Printing Strategy” is integrated into the Emirate’s strategic development plan for cost reduction, productivity and performance improvement of products and environmental impact mitigation. The Strategy aims to make Dubai a world-class 3D printing hub. Among the concrete initiatives included in the Strategy is the introduction of a new law under which 25% of new buildings’ components must be manufactured with 3D printing technology by 2025.

The reason for the push to the 3D printing technology is obvious from the fact that it offers numerous benefits over the existing techniques. The 3D printing technology facilitates the production of highly complex pieces just from digital files. The construction offers unprecedented freedom of form and allows efficient development of complex structures.

Apart from this, it also employs less energy and resources in producing concrete building elements and allows us to reduce the amount of waste generated in manufacturing, thanks to the recycling of raw materials.

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